Hesham A Syed

January 4, 2009

A fear impregnated in me ? Hesham Syed

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I have a fear in me impregnated deep down, an anxiety perpetual, a sorrow unending, a restless night, and with no peace during the day when I look around with the emptiness of my eyes, tears dried long time ago and when I hear things baseless and unbelievable – the mind boggling sound of darkness makes me numb.


The sufferings and torments keeps growing each day WHEN:

@ I find people sitting long hours and arguing on issues with no information truthful or knowledge adequate but each one wants to over power other – Argument for the sake of Argument goes on endlessly.

@ I find people at large specially children and young people taking life easy with no definite objective in their mind and acting like a parasite.

@ I find people at large, old or young with no sense of direction.

@ I find houses built with amenities and all the luxuries of life for mere enjoyments without any consideration to deprived ones.

@ I find most of the useless and unarticulated discussions carried out within the family members or friends, circles around Films, Videos, Sports or National or International Politics and no heed is paid to the basic purpose of life.

@ I find women or men doing hero worship to characters of Films or Stage and spend time in learning more about them animating their style and outlook.

@ I find every thing is justified and rationalized as long as it suits the individual regardless of divine revelation or guidance.

@ I find all efforts directed towards hoarding of wealth and multiplying it in shortest possible time for a life uncertain, a future unknown through shear exploitation of individual or system with no sense of self accountability.

@ I find Minds are put on rest, Hearts are made to sleep by idealizing a few heroes around where as probing in to the ground realities or making an effort to resolve contemporary issues are ignored.

@ I find young and old paying least importance to the commandment of God and spending more time in wasteful or playful activities or in sleeping.

@ I find living people walking like dead and bringing death to many where as many deceased are made to live and worshipped.

@ I find Children and Young with no educational strides despite of all the facilities provided, people at large deprived of reading habits, town and cities with very few libraries impregnated, conferences and seminars replaced with shows full of violence, nudity and coarse languages.

@ I find yellow journalism and media creating sensations and harassments every where, adding to perversions of mind and psychological derailment, causing social and moral decay of the society, strengthening the hands of exploiters, helping the materialism grow, and widening the gap of Haves and Have Not,
portraying a life full of fantasy, misguiding the largest population of the world
to a catastrophe.

@ I find tolerance and conscious effort to co-exist is diminishing each day, supporting each other intellectually and financially on humanitarian grounds are out ruled, arrogance, tribalism, regionalism, racialism, nepotism are thriving mostly instead of establishing an order of social justice in the society.

@ I find only law of jungle playing its role discretely in all forms of religious, non-religious, political, social, economical, philosophical garbs.

The glare of darkness, the impounding sound of shallowness have made all eyes blind, ears deaf, minds dumb, hearts ruthless and wisdom speechless.

Shall we ever come out of Slumber, Deep sleep or Comma?

Hopelessness is an ailment un-curable, the biggest sin one posses – a criminal attitude unforgivable. -The struggle has to Go ON perpetually to make both the worlds worth living – and why not?

Hesham Syed


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