Hesham A Syed

January 4, 2009

Islam and Pluralism

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Islam and Pluralism – Hesham Syed

Dear MG,

Having gone through your web site I do see a sincere man in you propagating Pluralism in Islam.

How ever I like you to please ponder on the history, real spirit and message of Islam, as this will help you in being part of what Islam wants to achieve through us in this world.

1.Islam is not a religion man made but Deen of Allah ( swt ) revealed or started right from Adam ( pbuh ) the first man and a prophet and it was completed by Muhammad ( saw )  the last of  the Prophets and Messengers of Allah – In between there are about 124,000 Prophets & Messengers sent at different time to different parts of the world and they all were linked with the same spiritual chain and in a few cases even from the same family or dynasty – Interesting that each were given the knowledge of the last Prophet & Messenger ( saw ) and his prophecy was contained even in the Scripts and Books given by Allah ( swt ) to them , which clearly indicated that Allah’s Deen or Islam  will perpetually , progressively  and eventually reach to it’s logical completion and to it’s finality. All Prophets or Messengers of Allah ( swt ) carried the instruction of Allah ( swt )  to  advise their followers to embrace Islam and follow the foot prints of Muhammad ( saw ) should the Last Prophet & Messenger is found in their own life time.

Therefore, Islam is just not any religion in the world to be compared with as it did not start only 1400 years ago after the physical eminence and declaration of Prophet-hood of Muhammad ( saw ) but from the day the knowledge and wisdom was bestowed upon Adam the first of man kind and earlier to this the Jinns followed the guidance provided to them by Allah ( swt ).

 2. In it’s essence no doubt Islam carries pluralistic flavor from the very inception and endorses all religions of the world but as an update condones only the divine revelations and not man made amalgamations or satanic verses or revelations or prophesies. So despite of Pluralism there is a Uniqueness as well as Singularity in Islam to reach & submit to Allah ( swt ) and attain salvation and His blessings in this world , at the end and in hereafter.

 3.Any philosophy presented or derivation made in it’s essence other than the most latest and updated version of Islam reveled to Muhammad ( saw ) in form of Quran or different than his guidance  ( ie Sunnah & authentic Hadees which again is nothing but exact interpretation of Quran and the Hikma contained in this divine Book )  is not Islam and it is not accepted by Allah ( swt ) – This is a decision Allah ( swt ) has made Who is the sole creator of not only of us but of the entire universe beyond our comprehension, He has  perfect wisdom and all knowledge and this can not be challenged , debated in a parliament or in a senate to decide other wise. Challenging or refuting Allah’s wisdom means being from the tribe of Iblees and among shaitaans hence the cursed ones ( Maghdoobey alaihim Wallad dua-llin ).

 4.Consider the special designation and title used by Allah for Muhammad ( saw )  as Rasool-illannas ( Messenger for entire humanity ) and Rahmatullil alameen ( Blessings for the entire universe ) hence , those among the human race who despite of having received the message from Muhammad ( saw ) do not accept him as Rasool-Allah and Nabi-Allah and as their final guide are the one who have been termed by Allah ( swt ) as among the worst of creatures – Oollaaika hum sharrul barriah.

5. Therefore Pluralism in Islam applies to being tolerant , accommodative , caring to people in general but not to surrender and compromise to the distorted religious beliefs among non Muslims or even Muslims fractions or cults. Therefore mixing with and encouraging parties or events which are visibly leading to Shirk and superstition is forbidden by Allah (swt) . If every thing is allowed with the philosophy that every thing has been created by Allah ( swt ) then the whole struggle of all the Prophets and namely the final Prophet Muhammed ( saw ) becomes meaningless.

6.Allah ( swt ) being the universal God and Muhammad being the universal blessings & guide leaves no one any choice to interpret Islam any different that the entire human race or Jinn are among the Ummah of Muhammad ( saw ) , divided in to two major groups , one on the right path as true Muslims and one ( cumulatively could  comprise of  many groups ) on wrong path to be defined as Non Muslims or Munafeqeen or Kaafereen  regardless that they may carry an Arabic or so called Muslim names.

Further more, many are also confused and have mixed up Islam with ethnic , social & cultural norms where as on the face of it these are two different things – never the less cultural evolution also drive it’s notion from basic religious beliefs. ( This is a subject which can be elaborated later ).

7.Many among the Muslims even , in order  to propagate pluralism have misinterpreted Islam , made it look like as any of the religion , or a secretarial belief or a cult and in their own vested interest or with a wrong perception have isolated and dislocated Islam from it’s original and principled position or status –  All such groups have germinated as religious cults in the Muslim world hence they have created more confusion than spreading the basic &  simple message of Islam for the entire world to converge to one brother hood and follow with all the clarity, a course which leads to a complete emancipation and without any superstition or prejudice to have a direct link with Allah ( swt ).

8.If you may recall in the documents recorded is an episode that Umar bin Khattab ( ra ) one time carried a few pages of Torah and he was going through those in front of Muhammad ( saw )  and the Prophet ( saw )  asked him what it was about – When Umar ( ra ) told him – Prophet ( saw ) said , that even if Prophet Moses ( pbuh ) was alive today he would have followed the Sharia and the Message given to him which also makes it abundantly clear that Islam updated in form of revelations to Muhammad ( saw ) which will be kept intact & safe by Allah ( swt ) as promised up to last day on this earth ie  Qiyamah , is the only and most authentic source and course left for any one to attain salvation – All other routes are dubious , doubtful , amalgamated and mixed up so one should stand guarded.

9.Peaceful Co existence and Pluralism and many similar terms are very attractive and appealing to all but often these have been used to achieve an objective to put the Muslims out of track –  To co-exist peacefully in this world  is definitely an effort which must always be consciously made by Muslims , many compromises can also be made to avoid conflicts but not by sacrificing on basic and fundamental issues – like Nabuwat + Risalat aakhir & Tawheed. No social or cultural or ethnic influence should empower our thought process to follow any course in life other than Islam in its purest form if we are really serious about salvation here after. The Quranic Surah : Qul Yaa Aiyuhal kaafeyroon and many verses revealed at different times are very clear when it comes to making any compromise or sacrifice to the basic belief as how a Muslim has to behave and react under such a pressure or circumstances. Muslims or  Momins do not have to be apologetic to other schools of thought or philosophy or suffer with any sense of inferiority complex by following Islam which is the most enlightened path to Allah ( swt ) – On the contrary they are entrusted with the responsibility to bring people of the world in Light from the utter darkness of Shirk , Illiteracy , Superstition , Arrogance , Jealousy , Deception , Greed , Exploitation , Hate , Intolerance , Lust and Temptations so as to establish socio economic justice in every sphere of life vide the rules & regulations given by the sovereign authority of Allah ( swt ) eventually to serve all His creations as a Trustee and vice- grace on the earth ( Khalifat ul ard ) which has been the main motive behind creation of human being.

After all by following the foot prints of Prophet ( saw ) for centuries Muslims made most enlightened & valuable  contributions in every field of knowledge and every sphere of social life while others were living in the age of darkness.

Udkhulu fi-selme kafah – Enter in to Islam completely.

Akmal tu lakum deenokum —– I have perfected the Deen today.

Islam updated is Allah’s first ,final and profoundest choice or course to follow among all codes of life available for human beings and Jinn.

And many more Quranic verses support the point of view  as above —-!!

I trust the above will be understood in correct perspective and I will wait for your response. If you need to post this brief letter on your website to share with others and for their comments, please feel free to do so – will appreciate. We all learn from each other.

This is just a letter to you and my point of view written in one small sitting and in one go , it is not any research paper so that direct references of my thought  process be given to you of Quranic verses or from authentic Hadees or from any other Book.

Best wishes

Hesham Ahmed Syed



Comment from lubna
December 30, 2008 at 7:56 AM


Alhumdulillah, this is what every level -headed muslim of ummate wast beleives in.
no ghulu no exaggeration to any side.

though with the time people do deviate from the middle straight path and tarnish the face of islam but as prophet muhammad salallaho alyhe wasallam said, one group i.e some people will always be on the right path.

and as for the rest from time to time there are mujaddid or reformers to remind them of their deviation and bring them back to the purity and simplicity of Quraan and sunnah, like imam ghazali,shaikh saadi, shah walee ullah and mujaddid alif sani etc. isnt that so brother hesham.

Comment from heshamsyed
December 30, 2008 at 9:39 AM

Thanx – and yes the names you mentioned were knowledgeable people ( raham Allah alaih ) – And Mujaddid will be coming all times till nearness to Qiyama to rehabilitate tarnished message of Islam by misguided people and philosophy – Alhamdo liAllah.

Comment from Naseem
December 30, 2008 at 2:06 PM

An excellent and timely article to cajole the Ummah from despair and deep slumber. A level headed simple and basic Islam and the Sunnah.

I will like to make a couple of points which might be slightly off the mark, but I think they are very relevant in the light of present discussion.

There are lots of disagreements in the Ummah. The First major one is Sunni/ Shea divide. Initially it was a political division. Later, how ever, these groups fragmented into various subdivisions and sects with various innovations. The enemy has used these in fighting’s and divisions to his advantage to further demoralise and divide the Ummah leading to its downfall and annihilation.

We have not been able to resolve this issue of Sunni/Shea divide for the last 1400 years, and are unlikely to do so till Qiama. Only a Prophet can resolve this issue, and there is not going to be a prophet after Mohammed (SAS). Why are we fighting on something which happened 1400 years ago, and cannot be undone? Today what difference does it make (apart from fighting and destroying our selves) as to who should have been the next Khalif. Let us all go back to the Basics and to a point on which we all agree, and leave Allah to sort out our differences on the day of Judgement.

The Quran tell us that when Allah (SWT) directed the angels to bow down to Adam, all angles except Iblis bowed. His (Iblis) excuse was that he was created out of fie and was therefore superior to Adam who created out of mud. We see this kufar everyday in the form of Rich and Poor divide, Nationalism, Tribalism, Racism, Cast System, Colour and Creed. Although we talk a lot about Unity, but in our hearts we still harbour Iblis.

If we are to survive with dignity, and witness another Golden Rise of Islam, then we got to put out differences and pointless quarrels aside and revert back to the Quran and the Sunnah. Our target should be younger generation who are more receptive to Quran and the Sunnah. We should restrict ourselves to agreements and avoid controversial points. Allah will sort out our differences on the day of Judgements. Finally, we should try and distance ourselves from GREED, the root cause of all evil and provide security and fairness to all.

Comment from heshamsyed
December 30, 2008 at 2:26 PM

Thank you Naseem sb, for your opinion expressed – Pls also read my comments posted today in section Cults in the Muslim world – I have said :
I wonder why people are not satisfied & contented with ONE GOD and Final most ONE Prophet to follow who is the perfect mantor in every sphere of our life – We dont need any one else or any more and only if we could go back to basics we will have no difference left to fight for , lead a happier life and make this world worth living not only for us but also for others – Masaaieyl shuroo jab hoatey haiN jab Aadmi khud Khuda ban-na chahtaa hai – Aur :
Aadmi khud khuda nahee hoata
Hoash sey jab juda nheeN hoata.


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