Hesham A Syed

January 4, 2009

Media : in Pakistan ( 1 )

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Dear Friends,
Ref to Brass-tack or similar deliverances and in general several responses and articles I have gone through on the subject of Pakistan.
Most of the websites, articles, news papers, gossips, poetic diction, drawing room politics, TV talk shows , media are nothing but full of emotions or it is based on hero / personality worship or of character assassination – We have never learnt to be articulate, calculative, factual in our presentation or in our approach – We are not statistical minded people and often fail to see ground reality – we believe in miracles happening all the time for us – a bunch of sparrows in the sky to help us out of self created problems.
Unfortunately this culture or bent of mind or thinking process is spread over most of Muslim countries and Umma at large. We create our own dreams and are taken aback or go through sufferings because of our own unprepared-ness to counter the offensive or hostile environment around us.
Reasons of our failures are also shifted to our destiny or to God Himself – Individual or Nation can not make any progress if the requirement of time is not catered for – Be it another war with India or with any hostile nation we will never succeed if we will not first establish the moral level of a standard defined by Islam and show no appreciation to ethical values demonstrated by our Prophet (saw).
It is not true to say that: we were victorious in 1st & 2nd war with India. Those who have no access to go through the factual detail would again get carried away with emotional talk – In 19 71 also Pakistan is not saved, it is west Pakistan which was saved some what-where as Pakistan as such was broken due to conspiracy both sides – Since 1971 the way Pakistan has moved on is to be compared with other nations to make a fair judgment if Pakistan has made any miraculous progress surpassing the pace of progress made by all other nations of the world within this frame of time , other wise it would be any body’s guess – The leadership crisis , rampant dishonesty , illiteracy , regional prejudice , socio – economic injustice and loss of nation hood or brother hood among the people are the key issues which need to be tackled actively to make us a nation of pride. Just boasting that we are the BEST will never make us good enough ever.
Hope my point of view, will be received in right perspective.
God bless the Muslim Umma included is Pakistan of-course, by giving us the will to struggle in every sphere of life, courage to accept the weaknesses and rectify those and without being dogmatic, excel in every field to prepare ourselves to join the group or team who will be instrumental to establish the True Islam on the face of this earth.God needs quality and just not the quantity.
Naa payid hai banda-iey amal mast : Baaqi hai faqat nafas daraazi –
( Iqbal )
Hesham Syed


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