Hesham A Syed

January 4, 2009

Media : In Pakistan ( 2 )

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PAK MEDIA – TV, You Tube AND Websites + News Papers.

Most of the Media in Pakistan or those engaged in Pakistani politics are playing havoc with our moral values , culture and society – There role prominently is to destabilize the Government , create unrest in every sphere of life and drive the country to a complete chaos – It appears as if they are paid by hidden hands or mafias inside and outside – The Media is unable to handle the freeness provided and the concept of candid expression is being abused.

On TV in most of the Talk shows none of the argument is articulated without resorting to angry vitriol and uncivilized language. Immature expletives have become hallmarks of the shallow intelligence of our so called leaders and intelligentsia of the society. Our politicians and so called leaders or stalwarts of the society are exposing themselves day and night by stooping to such a so low level that it is depressing to perceive the future of the country if given in their hands to administer. It looks like Pakistan has been taken for granted.
Misinformation, twisted imagination, obsessively toxic bigotry cries plus bizarre and conspiracy-laden language as well as sensational predictions have become the norms of the day.

I truly hope that a serious notice is taken by the Government to fix the problem which is adding to frustration and hopelessness among the sane people in Pakistan or living abroad beside it is creating a very poor image of our country and of it’s people at international platform.

Hesham A Syed


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