Hesham A Syed

January 4, 2009

Media : Quality Sieves or Strainers

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MEDIA – QUALITY SIEVES or STRAINERS Friends, With the easy accessibility of media , writing and printing supported by technological evolution there is a huge surge of Articles , Comments , Talk shows , Videos , TV , Websites , Emails , Small Dramas, Soap Opera or Films spread all over and practically at the desk of every person or at the tip of fingers of a very large population of the world.

The information influx has virtually made us live in a global village. Problem , Trouble ,Change , Event or Episode any where becomes very personal to most regardless whether it really concerns any one or not but the topic is brought in for discussion and debate in drawing rooms , coffee shops and it keeps on haunting the people even in seclusion. This scenario has its positive and negative affect on an individual as well as in the society and it all depends what is being said and how it is said.

Ultimately, it is the objective and motive behind any expression or presentation which determines it’s positive and negative affect. Self assessment or evaluation is the best course to fix the problems in personal traits and medium of expressions hovering all around.

Positive Sieve or Strainer :

1. Healthy and Positive suggestions, Comments or Information.

2, Articulated, Statistical, To the point with reference to the context, Factual and Scientific presentation.

3. Selection of respectful words or sentences , Captivating and invigorating posture.

4. Discussion on ideas, views and visions instead of personal like or dislike. 

Negative Sieve or Strainer :

1, Sick sense of Humor, Making fun and mockery of any individual.

2.Dogmatic , emotional and illusive views.

3. Making use of profanity, vulgar, indecent language + arrogant and violent posture.

4. Discussion circles around Personality and its cult, encompasses Rumors, Biased , Blasphemy and Bigotry remarks or jokes. Any writer , columnist , poet , speaker , orator , debater , anchor of any program , website moderator , video or film maker or stage or film actor can pass through the Quality sieves or strainers mentioned above to decide which category he or she should be classified.

At the end, who ever is classified in what category as above is a reflection of his or her family back ground, culture, state of upbringing, level of education, knowledge and training in life which determines his or her civility, morality and integrity which joins together to make his or her over all personality leading to the affect he or she is causing in the society through his or her interaction , writing or presentation. Hesham A Syed


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