Hesham A Syed

January 4, 2009

Time to wake up ? for the Muslim world !

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An opinion to share – hesham syed

Time to wake up

By  Hesham Syed


It is time to wake up ! 

I have been going through various articles and comments made on USA politics, its changing scenario and its affect anticipated in the Muslim world & in Pakistan.

My comments sent on different occasions for past years to various People / Journalists can be summarized as follows: 

1. It is not too late that Musharraf will be dumped like any who have been used by Americans and this will only be in accordance to the historical trend American have followed for their allies – Zardari + Gilani have assured Bush that they will do any thing, no question asked at any cost , what he or USA government wants and Pakistan and HIS MASTER VOICE will be the only voice in Pakistan like any other Muslim country.

2. Obama or No Obama – why the Muslim world is so excited about it ? Just because he has a Muslim father does not mean that he will have a soft corner for the Muslims or Pakistan – He has been very vocal on his being a Christian and he has to safe guard his own position and longevity with Zionists Mafia who are practically ruling America and the  whole world. Do you all think that Obama is free to take any decision? All the policies will be orchestrated for him, so if he is making statements in favor of Israel, why this should be a surprise or bother you at all?

Muslim world destiny is in their hand – it is not with intellectual slavery but it lies with emancipation – They have to wake up or come out of comma if they can,  to establish themselves as ONE UMMA – and get rid of this tribalism which has kept them fighting for centuries for short term and selfish goal. Sufferings among the Muslim world at large is because of the  self centered leaders planted by their Masters and not following the fundamentals of Islam and that is to establish self less judicial socio-economic justice in the society or country. Think about any adversary or debacle and you will find the root cause being an unjust approach or system.

So, move in the direction we all have to move – Liberate and emancipate yourselves with all kinds of subjugation, open your eyes and follow the divine light bestowed upon you – God has favored us all with abundance of wealth on this earth , which we have to realize and explore it and use all the resources proactively and wisely to make every day a hay day and every night a peaceful night for each person and living species on this earth. 

Hesham A Syed


Comment from Alamgir-Pakistan
December 29, 2008 at 2:42 AM

The strike on Gaza proves that according to the western world, if the people themselves elect their representatives… they are thugs and the whole of the population is deserving of punishment for electing them. The zionist entity has lost all moral ground.Europe is beginning to open its eyes to zionist terror.The whole of the muslim world should now brace itself for a terrorist attack in a european/western country. It will be followed by a confession soon after:”Yaayyuhal kuffar, blah blah inch of our land, or else blah blah Islamic flag will fly over white house blah blah”…ya know it. However, our opinion is maybe the zionists are waiting to pull something big like their 9/11 again. Their man Obama has gained more popularity than was expected. The whole of Europe has begun to like him out of pity for his type. The guilt of europe and western racist past has also played a major role. Master stroke by zionists! Now, we will see an assasination attempt on his life by “islamic” extremists, on a very important occasion. Known for their love of drama, the zionist script-writers of terror can be expected to go for something more sensational. After all, zionists have come up with comics the like of Superman. Perhaps Obamas little girl will be shown on telly with a big “islamic” knife across her throat, her whole body covered in a black flowing burqa. Obama will go to Israel to kneel his head somewhere and pray to God. “If the budding flower of freedom planted by America and its allies for the great future of humanity will not be nurtured except by the blood of my daughter…Then let the Islamic terrorists know that Obama and America are willing to sacrifice.” The whole of america and europe’s gullible people will come out in the streets. She will be saved. There will be cheering. Then the CNN FOX ABC BBC will show nothing except mahmoud ahmedinejad, taliban, hamas,hezbollah, ikhwan, jamaat-e-islami,pakistani nukes……. and Islamic leaders and scholars “No-but-yeah-but-Islam-religion of peace-but-no-but-”…Everyone else is apologetic and those who are not are terrorist. that is when Israel together with the US will reshape the Middle East. New maps, New borders. Greater Israel, Greater monopoly over the trade-routes,waters, oil and mineral resources. Muslims and rest of the goyim sub-humans working to pay the never-ending interest imposed on them by the global financial system that is controlled from Tel Abib.Allahu Akbar.”They plot and plan, and Allah too plans; but the best of planners is Allah.”

Comment from heshamsyed
December 31, 2008 at 8:35 PM

Mr Alamgeer,
Thanx to ur comments and views


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