Hesham A Syed

January 4, 2009

Views on Religion : Murtid ( a convert from Islam to other religion)

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SUBJ: MURTID – Abandon Islam for other religion.

In a message dated 29/03/2006 09:26:46 GMT Daylight Time, hesham.syed@sympatico.ca writes:
In my opinion Islam and Allah’s deen is for making a conscious decision –
those who are born Muslim should do so to validate their following of
Allah’s deen under the guidance of the last Prophet- There is a difference
between a cultural Muslim and a Muslim adopting Islam internally –
If some one born as a Muslim has converted to other religion is a choice he
has made consciously , and this choice is provided by Allah ( swt ) – Murtid
are those who after making a conscious decision of adopting to Islam convert
to other man made religion ( man made because no other religion in the world
exist in purest form other than Islam authenticated by Quran ).– I don’t
know how many would understand what I am trying to say — I also don’t know
if this Afghanee did convert to present day Christianity after having made a
conscious decision to be a Muslim – Instead of killing him he has to be
explained that if he was a true Muslim he would still be a true Christian or
a true Jew – What we lack in general is our own understanding about Islam –
How many of those who are demanding his killing or shouting slogans in the
procession are conscious Muslim and practicing Muslim themselves ? Like
Jesus said – Only those should cast stone who has not been adulterer

How would you classify Munafiq who according to Quran are much more
dangerous people in Islam than Murtid who atleast classify themselves
different , but Prophet still tolerated Munafaqeens all his life and even
prayed for the Raeesul Munafaqeen at his burial , till Allah revealed Aiyat
not to do that.

I am not for dogmatic Islam , non visionary blindfolded Islam – My Islam ,
My Allah and my Prophet appears to be so different than what so called scholars try to preach and portray.

That all for the time being.

Hesham Syed

>From: QHSiraj@
>CC: heshamsyed2003@yahoo.com
>Subject: Fwd: [Dowites-1977] Conversion Thorny Issue in Muslim World
>Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2006 12:55:27 EST
>Your valuable opinion on the article please Hesham Bhai.


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