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January 4, 2009

What is Indecency or Fahash in Quran / Islam ?

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Question : What does Fahash mean in Islam / Quran ?

Answer : Please follow the sequence as follows:


Surah No / Surah Name / Ayaat No – Starting word of that Ayaat.


1. 2 Baqara /169 – Innama ——Here it is meant EVIL against: Rizqey Halal / Lawful consumption/ Taiyaab – Pure, clean, Wholesome, Nourishing, Pleasing etc.
2. 2 Baqara/268 – Alshaitaan yaad kum — –Here it is meant for being Miser or Mischief or Unseemly as against being generous in giving to the needy, zakaat, sadaqa, or any other charitable work.
3. 7 Al-Araaf/28 – Qul ina-Allah yaa mur —Here it is meant as Indecency, Shamelessness, Nakedness of Sin, Choosing wrong path or being Faithless as against Righteousness and a person of Faith in Allah.
4. 12 Yusuf/ 24 – Kazaaleika ———Here it is meant as Evil or Indecency, Sexual perversion, satanic seduction as against purity, chastity and being obedient servant of God or Muttaqeaeen.
5. 16 Al-Nahl /90 – Wa Yanhi aan alfahsha —Here it is meant as being Evil, Unjust, Wrong Doers, Harmful, Rebellious attitude towards Covenant of Allah and all good and Just deeds commanded.
6. 24 Alnoor /21 – Wa-maieN yatbaya —-Here it is meant as Evil, Indecency, Following foot steps of Satan, Rumor monger, Scandal circulator, Spreading lies without confirmation of the truth to belittle or cause disrespect to any person or against the chastity or integrity of any person.
7. 29 Al-Ankaboot /45 – Inna –assalaata tanha ——Here it is meant as Evil Deed, to follow physical temptations & unlawful worldly desire, To seek refuge of evil plots or person as against Allah and HIS commandment.


1. 3 Al-Imran/135- Wal lazeena ——Here it is meant as Act of Indecency – i.e. any thing that Allah has forbidden or is displeased with.
2. 4Al-Nisa /15 – Wallaati yateena——–Here it is meant as Lewdness, Adultery, Fornication.
3. 4Al-Nisa /19 – Illa Yateena ——Here it is meant as Lewdness, Adultery, Fornication.
4. 4Al-Nisa/22 – Innahoo kaana ——-Here it is meant as Evil or Shameful or Abonimable custom to marry women who has or have been his Father’s wives,
5. 4Al-Nisa / 25 – Far-in arena ——Here it is meant as Fornication, Adultery.
6. 7Al-Araaf / 28 – Wa-iza fa-aloo———–Here it is meant as satanic seduction, Temptations for unlawful act.
7. 7Al-Iraaf / 80 –Ataa-toona alfaahesha ———–Here it is meant as Lewdness, Homosexuality or Lesbianism, Sexual perversion, Transgression etc.
8. 17 Al-Asra / 32 – Wa-laa taqraboo ——- Here it is meant as Act of indecency, Evil Way, Zinna, Adultery
9. 24 Alnoor / 19 – Innal-lazeena ———-Here it is meant as Scandal Circulator, Rumor Mongeror without any authentication or concrete evidences.
10. 27 Al-Namal / 54 – Wa-loota iz qaala —-Here it is meant as Homosexuality, Sexual perversion.
11. 29 Al-Ankaboot / 28 – Innakum letaatum —— Here it is meant as Homosexuality, Lewdness.
12. 33 Al-Ahzaab / 30 – MaiN-Yaatee minkunna ——–This Ayaat is exclusive to Prophet’s –saw wives – and it is meant as Unseemly conduct, any conduct which displeases Prophet-saw and Allah- swt.
13. 65 Al-Talaaq / 01 – Wa-laa yukhrijnaa———This Ayat is also exclusive to Prophet-saw and for his wives – ra, here it is meant as transgression against Allah ‘s limits, open lewdness etc.


1. 6 Al-AnAam / 151 – Wa-laa taqaraboo——–Here it is meant as Evil or Indecent Deed such as Taking any life which Allah has made sacred but only through law and justice – other commandment s are Not to join any one with Allah (Shirk), To treat Parents nicely, Not to kill children due to fear of poverty or worldly requirement (Abortion against fear of Rizq or for fun sake i.e. without any legitimate medical reason).
2. 7 Al-Araaf / 33 – Qul innama Harram —– here it is meant as Evil Deed as against Allah’s commandment such as – Indecent deed whether done openly or secretly, Sins, Trespassing against Truth or reason, Assigning partner to Allah for which he has given no authority and saying things about Allah of which no one has any knowledge.
3. 42 Al- Shoara / 37 – Wa-allazeena yajtaneiboo ——Here it is meant as Indecencies.
4. 53 Al-Najm / 32 – Allazeena Yajtaneiboona ——-Here it is meant as Indecent Deeds.


Considering the above Ayaats of Quran – Indecent or Evil deeds refers to:
-Shirk / Joining partners to Allah-swt
-To say things about Allah without any authentication or proof.
-To treat Parents badly or without any kindness.
-To displease Allah –swt and Prophet – saw.
-To spread rumor or scandal circulation without any authentication causing harm against integrity of any person.
-To spread scandals or rumor to degrade or bring disrespect to any.
-To be rebellious to Allah’s commandment.
-Committing Sins and Trespassing limits defined by Allah-swt.
-To kill any one without justice or thru lawful means.
-To kill children out of fear of worldly responsibility – Abortion without any medical reason.
-To commit Zinna / Adultery – (or to get involved in to such plan or party or design or act of entertainment which leads to Zinna).
-To be a non-believer or unfaithful to Allah-swt.
-Homosexuality or any sexual perversion.
-To commit sins openly or secretly.
-To take refuge in plan or means other than Allah-swt i.e. to be part of anti God campaign.
-To be shameless and act of nakedness, Lewdness, Act of disobedience to Allah.
-To consume unlawful and bad things / Haram as against Tayeb and Halal things.
-Not to follow the path of Taqwaa.

The above is derived out of Quranic diction itself but the word of Quran has so many dimensions that a few translation can not totally justify it’s meaning or concept – In the Quran itself the same word is supported by other at different places which opens a new dimension of meaning to the original also, therefore the illustration of any word is unending – However basic concept remains unaltered despite of it’s multiple interpretation, plus Hadees and Sunnah – Sayings and Act of Rasool –saw, explains things further for the ease of understanding to all — !! Which can be referred if any further detail is required.

Wa ma laina illal bilaagh – Wa-Allah o alam.

Hesham Ahmed Syed


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  2. *Jazakallah, zawadakallahut taqwa wa barakallahu fi ilmika*

    Comment by Adfarulislam — August 6, 2014 @ 2:09 am | Reply

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