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January 11, 2009

Immigrants in Canada – observations made on their conditions

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Urdu Poem : Mushahidatey Muhajiraaney Canada – Hesham Syed ; based upon the factual observations made and detail from horses mouth — It may appear comic to others but the one who is gong through the rehabilitation or new settlement process can only see his or her reflection in the mirror of these verses and understand the hidden pain – this poem was published in the year 1999 , but the condition for the new immigrants remains the same. (more…)

Is the religion a hindrance in Progress ?

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Urdu Article : Kia Mazhab insaan ki taraqi meiN maaney hai ? Hesham Syed (more…)

Worries for the Nation

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Urdu Article : Qaum kaa Dard ; Hesham Syed (more…)

The tragedy of our time !

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Urdu Poem Column :  Hamarey Daur ka alamiya : hesham Syed   (more…)

Between the Stars and it’s seeker !

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Urdu Article : Kawakib aur Moakkil key darmeyaan ; Hesham Syed : (more…)

Those who reach the Stars – 1st portion

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Urdu Article : SitaaroaN pey jo daaltey haiN kamand : Hesham Syed : 1st Qist (more…)

Those who reach the Stars – 2nd portion

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Urdu Article ; SitaaroaN pey jo daaltey haiN kamand : Hesham Syed — doosry qist – 2 (more…)

Treatment of Heart

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Urdu Article : Kuch Kijiey elaaj e Dil bhi : Hesham Syed (more…)

Establishing of Home or Destruction

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Urdu Article : Khaana  Abaadi ya Khaana barbaadi – Hesham Syed      (more…)

A few memories

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Urdu Article : Kuch YaadeiyN  Kuch BaateiyN : Hesham Syed (more…)

Blind Hearts – 1st portion

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Urdu Article : Dil key Andhey : Andhey ko andheirey meiN barrhee door ki soojhi – Hesham Syed : 1st portion (more…)

Blind Hearts – 2nd portion – pls connect with 1st

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Urdu Article : Andhey ko andheirey meiN barrhi door ki soojhee : Hesham Syed :  2nd portion- pls connect with 1st. (more…)


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Urdu Article : Pey-shan GoiyaaN ; Hesham Syed : (more…)


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Urdu Article : Kashmakash & Merey kalaam pey Hujjat hai nuktaiey Loalaak : Hesham Syed (more…)

Divine revelation endorses my statement

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Urdu Article : Merey kalaam pey hujjat hai nuktaiy Loalaak : Hesham Syed (more…)

Vision and Views

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Urdu Article : Fikr  wa  Zikr : Hesham Syed (more…)

Internal Disease !

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Urdu Article : Baateny BimaariaaN : Hesham Syed : (more…)

Thanks to Allah for the Misconduct !

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Urdu Article : Allah ka shukr yaa Choar darwaazah – Hesham Syed (more…)