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January 18, 2009

A road map to follow – Muslim Umma – English Article

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A Road Map to follow – Muslim Ummah – Hesham Syed



Jan 15 and 16 – Thursday & Friday – visited Al Haramain shareefain – for Salam and Ziarat e Raool (saw) and for performing Umra – AlhamdoliAllah.


In the Khutba of salat-alJumma – 16 Jan / 2009 in Haram – The imam e Kaabah while delivering his sermons wept over the atrocities of Israel on Gaza and on the other parts of Muslim world caused by other Non Muslim nations – While listening to his emotional speech sitting there, I was drowned in to my own thoughts of grief about the deplorable conditions of the Muslim world these days and for past many decades of years and actually from centuries together.



# Why? We have not been able to solve our own problems and Why have we come to this stage that we can only cry hopelessly and in despair, look up on still to USA Presidents and heads of Western world to protect us, resolve our own differences, thus begging our enemies themselves bowing on our knees in front of them – O, lord spare us this time and we have and we will continue to be His Master Voice , serving you all like a slave for an indefinite future or for unspecified length of time as long as you want my Lord – Our generations will always be obliged of your humanitarian behavior with us , killing only a few millions of us , raping our women , destroying our homes , culture and heritage and still allowing us to live as the second biggest population on the face of earth but spineless , tampered and betrayed by our own people subjugated again by treacherous rulers and sold out government officials entrenched in their selfish desires and temptations merely for this unsecured short life.


@ Yes, We have the slogans that Islam is the best code of life and religion, preserved in the purest form Quran and authentic Hadees – And we have the out cry that the last Prophet Muhammed (saw) is the best and an excellent example for all the humankind to follow but where have we gone wrong to take the command of this world and act like a nation deserving to serve and protect the entire human race and any of the God’s creation an assignment entrusted upon us by God and his apostles naming the final most & the best one Muhammed ( saw ) and act like a Trustee in this world as a pride of his Umma.


@ Yes, We have built huge and beautiful mosques / masjids all over the world.

@ Yes, We have built all the facilities and structure required to offer our religious rituals like performing Hajj or any other ceremonies.

@ Yes, We have built very wide roads, bridges, tall buildings, steel and glass structures, conferences halls and palaces, gardens and water streams and all what is a symbol of a civilized society.

@ Yes, We have millions and increasing numbers of worshippers filled in to our mosques, and performing Umra and Hajj each day, week, and month and in a year.

@ Yes, We publish Quran and Hadees books in millions each year.

@ Yes, We recite Quran 24 hours a day at different parts of this world.

@ Yes, We write many books, deliver lectures, and organize seminars through out the year using all kinds of media tools & platform to propagate Islam.

@ Yes, not all but a few of us have all the luxuries in this world (but due to shear exploitations of others of-course).


 : # But :


# Why, We stand no where among the civilized world or among the countries that are considered developed and progressive?

# Why, Each day there is a new conflict between us and on our borders and  our countries, towns, villages have become battlefields?

# Why, Wars only breaks out in our lands only.

# Why, Other nations look down upon us.

# Why, the rate and level of educations among our masses are very low.

# Why, We are not at par with other nations in research or making scholastic contributions in science , technology or in other faculty.

# Why, do our masses suffer despite of having the biggest wealth reserves from God in our land only on the face of this earth.

# Why, Most of our wealth resources and energies are utilized by other nations.

# Why, We use our resources of wealth and energy for personal benefit or in achieving negative traits and targets.

# Why, We are arrogant and insecure in our attitude and behavior to cheat & exploit others despite trusting God?

# Why, We can’t tolerate and trust each other and still bow down in front of other nations who are visible enemies – a complete paradox to the culture established by the Prophet (saw) and his companions; Ashaddu minal kuffaar va ruhama o bainahum.

# Why, do a large population of us suffer with hunger, poverty, lack of education, house less-ness, etc but a few families only have all the bounties and enjoy all the conceivable and non conceivable luxuries.

# Why, our rulers and a few families all turn up to be Multi Millionaires and Billionaires where as the masses are struggling to meet both ends.



Is it not because we have lost the True Message of Islam? And what is that we are missing to practice and we have suffered for centuries to the extent that today we are even worse than the lost sheep of Israel.


THAT, is lacking to establish SOCIO-ECONOMIC JUSTICE in the society and going back to Tribalism instead of living jointly and sharing and administering every thing as ONE UMMA  – The concept of Common wealth was first given by Prophet (saw) and his Khulafaiey Rasheydeen which we have lost while European nations have adopted it for their well being and unity and are termed now as welfare estates — All the sufferings, all the deprivations, all the disrespect, all the humiliation are related to these TWO main causes – No prayers will be answered , No respect ever can be regained , No power could ever be ordained to administer the world if we do not realize what is our basic fault and  fundamental problem to resolve these and correct our own selves immediately & without further loss of time.


Shedding tears, crying always, blaming other nations and our own fate or destiny and beating the chest on our sufferings are defeated attitude. Wasteful talking, writing, presentations, throwing tantrum on each other, quarreling & bragging on talk shows on TV or on websites or on emails, throwing empty threats to other nation or groups will not take us any where but we have to fight the ailment within our selves with a new drive and zeal to make our presence felt as a living species on this earth and that is what all time living God expect us to be – Therefore, Friends! Let us Move ON! To the right direction, so to Unite Muslim Umma and Establish Socio–Economic Justice in our society and to launch a culture of judicial handling of all matters as a Trustee, thereafter the result will show up in a very short span of time. God help is waiting for your sincere efforts made in this direction.


: #@ A road map to follow :


1.Struggle for the Unity of Muslim Umma and take lessons from the policy and methodology of Khulfaiey Rasheydeen to handle contemporary issues. Do away with all kinds of prejudice and tribalism and keep always Islam and Taqwa over whelming than any other attributes to discharge judicial rulings to serve the masses or public with all fairness.


2.Establish Iqamat e salat with it’s true meaning , so that it is just not taken as a ritual or a physical exercise leaving no mark on us – The five time prayers is the five time reminder of God’s given code of life , and an opportunity for the sense of gratitude to be expressed that from one time of prayer to other we have been abiding to the divine laws , ethical and moral code of life  and interacting socially and economically with others within the frame of Islam , without causing distress , anxiety and harm to any for selfish reason.


3.Establish the Socio-Economic Justice in the society and in all systems and handle every thing from judicial point of view, so that the human power, wisdom and creative talents wasted in abundance due to deprivations and exploitations can be most affectively utilized. Encourage open competition and provide equal opportunities to all to get the maximum benefit of the hidden or subjugated talent left unexplored.



4.Establish a Common Wealth concept and Institution for Muslim world, so that the entire God given wealth and resources are affectively utilized for the welfare, growth and progress of the masses or public and not wastefully utilized for individual or for a few families or for the government or political institutions or personalities.


5.Do not deviate from the basics teachings of Islam – simple and straightforward in light of Quran and Sunna + Authentic Hadees – establish systems and institutions accordingly.


6.Do not allow innovations, cults and groups to grow with riddle and confusions all over in the name of any enlightenment or of specific group with twisted ideas or minds.

Handle all false Prophets and Messengers deviating from the teachings of the final Prophet (saw) and sort them out immediately to stop any Fitna to grow. Clean up the mess.

7.Do not wait for any individual or Mujaddid after centuries or decades of years to appear to revive the teachings of Islam but establish Institutions which should administer and safeguard the correct teachings of Islam.


8.Allow all kinds of scholastic strides and encourage research in every field of life and environment – Patronize all kinds of flexibility and learning process – Keep maximum budgets for learning, teaching and research specially in the field of science and technology.


9.Always, focus the universality of Prophet Muhammed (saw) and of Islam, inculcate Brother hood and Humanitarian concept and behavior with all and every human being and handle every one with kindness and tolerance to act like a true representative of God’s attributes of his being benevolent. Do not allow Kibr to grow inside you, shun arrogant and undisciplined behavior to cause harm to others or hurt feelings. Do not leave self  evaluation any time and feel accountable to God to maintain a clean heart always.


10.To counter, the evil forces whether it is  inside you or outside with the motive to harm you, prepare yourselves with all the might within yourselves and what ever it takes to build arms and ammunitions, acquire advanced technology to curb and eliminate any devilish design against Islam or Muslim so that God’s sovereignty or dominion within you and on this earth is established.


No love should over power you than the love of God and his Prophet ( saw ). Innamul aimaal binniyaat – All above can be achieved if the intention is right.



God bless the Muslim Umma.


Hesham A Syed.

Jan 17 – 2009




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    Tom Humes

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