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March 17, 2009

Facts & a few root problems in Pakistan + Solution – english article

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Facts & a few root problems in pakistan + Solution : Hesham Syed

: Facts and a few root problems in Pakistan + Solution :


1. Pakistan was separated in 1947 from India & it was never liberated till now – From British it has fallen in to the clutch of American imperialism since its inception. This slavery is self imposed by our leader’s choice or by our leaders chosen by Americans.


2.Whether like it or not , Pakistan was already broken in 1971 only after 24 years of it’s birth and further separatist movements in other regions , massive killings and destructions of Muslims themselves within the boundary of Pakistan negates two nations theory totally – it is all time the economic deprivation , struggle or war in a human society and any group or mafia which takes advantage of religion , culture or creed , language and other idealistic philosophies & use it as a tool to exploit the masses to achieve the short term goal or objective.


3. Most of the policies and leaders for Pakistan are made outside either in Washington USA or in London UK . They are some time imported also on ad-hoc basis. This intellectual slavery has been ongoing.


4. Most of the leaders, Army or Non Army, bureaucrats and people of all walks of life have no commitment with Pakistan – They all aspire their future generations to settle in USA, UK or any of prospering Western countries or Arab countries, hence their investments and deposits are also made outside – They live and operate in Pakistan as an expatriate and once they find a suitable time they board the plane leaving behind all the mess they create in Pakistan for general people to suffer.


5. The Landlords have their own mafia group, so have dirty rich people viz Traders, Industrialists, to influence all institutions or systems and they bring corruption to suit their vested interest.


6. Army having been involved in government so frequently and most of the time has its own aspirations to form their own Cult. No wonder Army General or Air force & Naval Chiefs have been involved in looting the country and drug trafficking also.


7. There is a systematic process to loot Pakistan ’s wealth or of it’s resources and sell it at a price to Vultures outside Pakistan which could benefit individual but not the nation.


8. There is a systematic process and system in Pakistan to create more wealth for upper class and widen the gap between Have vs Have not – Institutionalized frauds are also rampant.


9. The Western power nominated or planted leaders of this country or Mafia heads have been engaged to serve their masters at the cost of the national interest or growth and they are paid for their services outside Pakistan and rewarded even in Pakistan , decorated as Knight / Sir bestowed upon lands and authority.


10. Most leaders after M A Jinnah & Liaqat Ali Khan emerged as a regional leaders and not national leaders. They all carry ethnic flavors and exhibit prejudice towards other region or language, so the National spirit could not be developed and the exploitation continued which gave rise to mistrust and reactionary groups.


11. Judiciary is totally corrupt and enslaved by the establishment; hence socio-economic justice does not prevail.


12. Democracy in Pakistan mean Mafia based democracy – Most of those who cast votes are among the 85 % illiterate people or out of 15% educated class who could write their names only are forced to cast their votes under the influence of a Mafia head of their group whether in the form of Zamindars, jagirdars, Peers, Industrialist, Business heads or any other head. Those who are really educated and can think independently are mostly the silent majority who keep watching the show on Television and keep solving problems of Pakistan in their drawing rooms , in parties discussion , or on websites and on online papers or magazines.


13.Wrong attitude , Socio–economic injustice , Dishonesty and Lack of Education & Knowledge have created an environment of hopelessness and have given rise to secretarial hate and fights or even killing each other , as well as Extremism & Terrorism and this has led Pakistan and Pakistani loose national and self respect internationally.


14. Pakistan survival is dependant on liberating Pakistan from the intellectual and financial slavery , a massive clean up of the rotten eggs , tested and tried politicians and dishonest heads of any institutions need to be removed – Fresh blood with a totally changed attitude and culture with clear sense of direction is the only hope for Pakistan prosperity and respect . Piece Meal solution or just mending the small scratch will never work.

God save Pakistan !



  1. There are three major problems that need to be corrected.
    1)Military should be reserved for borders and they should have nothing to do within country.They are addicted to the power and they will do it only when they are forced to do it.That is possible when they are ridiculed,humiliated and insulted day and night.There uniforms are insulted.When they are fearful to go out in uniform then only they will fear from taking over.Now after retirement they occupy civilian positions as DGs,Chairman or as presidents when they have neither education,nor training nor experience.The most important thing civilians should do is to file suits on them to be removed from such positions.
    2)Law and order situtation be maintained with top priority.
    If only there is law and order situation good then many many hundred and thousands of Pakistanis living in west almost retired will come back and when they do they will spend their money,hire home servants,also will spend their time in some good social activities.This will generate jobs,bring prosperity.
    3)Implement merit in every walk of life.Open merit,transparent merit in such a way that breach of it can be challenged and the culprit punished and the vicitm compensated.

    But reality is that the the ruling class(feudal lords,military Generals,and CSS)want such status qou to continue.They want corruption and crime to continue because thus they can hold on to power and work as benefector of masses by helping those whom they like and hurting those whom they don’t.
    Now the question is if you want to change Pakistan then above is the road map that needs to be worked.

    Comment by M.khan,USA — March 23, 2009 @ 8:29 pm | Reply

  2. Thank you for your well thought of comments – Unfortunately it is the failure and anarchy of civil governemnt and each time on the call of civilian political parties that Army has taken over – Corruption need to be fixed in every area whether it is Army or Non- Army – After all none of this group are alien and any different than Pakistanis , so they have good and bad points in common.
    Once we develop a strong system to establish Socio Economic Justice which is one of the fundamental of Islam , Pakistan , Islam and Humanity will be served. So called Mafia based democracy is not the answer of our problem still. We dont have to be a copy cat to western form of governemnt always.We have our own culture and heritage and guidance provided. What do we lack ? just the will and determination.
    Hope we all understand this to move in the right direction.
    God bless Pakistan and Muslim Umma.

    Comment by heshamsyed — March 25, 2009 @ 7:37 pm | Reply

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