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April 14, 2009

God – english poems + verses : Hesham Syed

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God – english poems + verses : Hesham Syed 

English Poems :  by  Hesham A Syed.


Who  is God ?  how can I ever know

With my arrogance , not until I bow.


Only if I have HIS wisdom to think

All my sayings will be  like a crow.


How can I define with my eyes closed

The Light of universe , unmatchable  glow.


Adam & Eve are the parents of all

White or Black or Brown and Yellow.


Rich or Poor , are all equal  to God

Beloved are Pious , and without show.


Behind our skin we are children of God

We stand in a prayer , but all in a row.


The only truth is God , HIS bounty & love

This world is nothing but pomp and show.


The world comes to be, on HIS order To Be

HE is all awake , nor tired , neither slow.


Life means nothing but a factor of time

Death comes sudden , hits like a blow.


Realization of God is the heaven to live

In hell are those who would never know.


Knowing  thyself ,  means knowing of God

Unfortunate ones alas , would never  know.


Spear heads the nature a continuous change

And God in HIS hands  holds arrows and bow.


In pursuit of HIS search I wander around

Like blood  in my heart HE lets  love flow.


Denial of God  is  a denial of  self

I wonder when ? the mind will grow.


Sooner or later we all come to know

The long life procession – let it go !




Love of God is the universal  woe

Warmth of love will melt the snow.




Who is God and What is HE  ?

Let us ponder and we shall see.



If the heart is full of  void

Remember God and never avoid.


Temptations & Lust casts away the holiness

Nothing but God’s love fills the emptiness.


We all would have joy inside

If only we knew the God to abide


Death is a life , one never departs

If love of God  exist in the hearts.



He who has heard God ,  in silence and wept

His investment in both world are safely kept.


He who is most merciful , benevolent

Makes us learn  to be kind , tolerant.



How can a parallel to supreme God can be

We shouldn’t have arrogance but modesty

If only we realize and have sensitivity

Should prostrate to God with all humility.




Earth quake, flood & frightening thunder

Man suffers again , and I always wonder

Is it an outcome of Sins or Wrongful deeds

The wrath of God or  nature’s blunder.?



We all have greed and emotional tide

With God but none can ever hide

Our role is to be on the humane side

The heart has to be very open and wide.

 With flesh only you will definitely slide

With holy spirit , you will always glide

Body is a horse for the Soul to ride.

It is like a woe of  groom and bride

With love of God you should be tied

For worldly wealth take no pride

But keep hereafter , always beside

Return to heaven and make a stride

Behold your God and always abide.



Why human beings are suffering most

Why the desires and wishes are lost

Is it to attain the spiritual bliss

Temptation , Greed and Flesh are cost.


Why do we get engulfed in solitude

It is all because of our own attitude

God is alone but likes company to keep

That is why He  has created in multitude.



God is one , like Him there is none

Who said He has a family and son.

Never fantasize this make no fun

Otherwise with God you are done.





God is not only a fantasy

He is  an absolute reality

Never question His integrity

Out of your  false vanity

One blames God for trouble faced

It is all because of self pity

Life is troubled by nothing more

Than your vanity & hypocrisy

Arrogance is also a bloody sword

And it’s route comes out of Illiteracy

God is sovereign & supreme most

He is not elected thru democracy




What God says about Himself  : ref ( Quran )


-It is beyond the capacity of any creation to rightfully praise or dignify God – if all the oceans and rivers are made ink and pens were made out of all trees in the world , still these can not finish writing , justifying, describing the attributes of God.


         Best Planer , Designer , Creator and Provider of universe , Master and controller of Time , Ultimate lover and loveable , Full of Grace and dignity , Treasure of earth and heaven belongs to Him ,  He is highest most , He is the light of the universe – heaven or earth , All creature life and death and upbringing or sustenance is in His hand , He is the Almighty , His thrown is  in Sky or Heaven a very special place , He is the first , and the last , visible and hidden , He is with every human being all time , He accepts prayers and responds to calls , Every day and every second  He is busy in creating and developing new things , His commandment and verdict is final and none can supercede ,

         He is all just and absolute truth , He is not answerable to any , He brings any thing to existence  of any size or multitude without any delay  in time less than a wink of eye if He wants and He is not subjugated to time or any of His creation , He is watchful and fully aware of minutest detail of our thinking or action , He is the final judge and He does not need any evidence to decide any case because there is nothing which is hidden from him , He is a Warner also , Only He knows the time for the dooms day of this earth or of any planet or star He has created , He is also a punisher for the mischief , He knows every thing in darkness and in light , He is all truth and absolute truth , His wrath is also some thing to fear , No one can guide any to right path if God takes away HIS mercy or love from any person , His curse is final and no one can change that , He has innumerable good names , He is the only one to be worshiped , There is no protection better than Him , He is the one who has created the universe with a balance , With Him is the best reward , bounty and provisions of life ,

         Minutest particle of this universe keeps offering prayers or rehearsing His names or following the system He has designed and can not alter a bit until unless He changes it Himself.


– One and only one , Eternal and Absolute, Begets not , nor begotten, None  like unto Him, Kind and benevolent

– All time  Living , Self sustaining , No slumber can seize Him nor sleep , Lord and Master of Universe  earth or heaven  , east , west , north or south , past present or future , Guardian  & protector of heaven and earth without any fatigue , Most High & Supreme .

-Omnipotent , Listener , All time attentive , The Sovereign , Holy , Source of Peace , Knows all secrets or open , past , present or future , Most gracious & Most merciful , Guardian of Faith , Preserver of Safety , Exalted in Might , The irresistible , Creator , Evolver , Bestower of Forms or Colors , Wise , All praises profoundly belongs to Him.

All time present every where , Nothing is hidden from Him not even our thoughts , Forgiver of Sins and Mistakes , Best supporter and helper ,

It is HIS kingdom , We are all HIS children and His love to us is seventy times greater than love of our own mother. He is the sovereign .



This was presented by me in a Muslim Christian Forum – Canada

Hesham Syed.




































  1. “Rich or poor, are all equal to God”

    Two points for comments:

    1. Before God are we equally wise and are we equally foolish??

    2. Who has the power to undo the past?? Like once Al Syed Hesham is born, can he be undone???

    Comment by shah alam — April 18, 2009 @ 6:58 pm | Reply

  2. 1.We are as wise as much God has given us the wisdom – We are foolish as much as we have not used our wisdom. It is a gross misunderstanding that Rich people are wiser people and Poor mean people are foolish if that is what the question is pointing at.

    2.God has the power to control the time – so undo also past as well what HE wills – During the Miraaj did time not come to stand still ? Resurrection also is a kind of reversal of time . Time is a scale of measurement for the movement of earth in relation to SUN or other planets in the Galaxy – The movement of planet is designed and controlled by God and all what HE has created or designed can be changed if HE wants – HE has the qudrat and HE is not subjugated to His own creations.

    Such queries and discussion need sitting session – Email may not help much.

    God bless

    Comment by heshamsyed — April 21, 2009 @ 3:43 am | Reply

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