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April 24, 2009

Future of Muslim Umma , a road map – Hesham Syed

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Future of Muslim Umma , a road map – Hesham Syed : english article

What is Our Future? 


  Hesham Ahmed Syed.


What we have now is some what destroyed movement of Alqaida, Hostility of Afghans against Talibaan culture, Pakistan present regime total submittal to Western world or USA, upcoming war fever against Iraq and subsequently against all countries which could be subjugated & transformed in to market for the economic well being of the mafia of so called super powers.


Indifferent attitudes of the rulers of all Muslim world towards the atrocities inflicted on the Muslim and Islam at every piece of land where Muslim identity is likely to flourish – say it Palestine, Kashmir, Bosnia or else. – Useless and impulsive pseudo-intellectual or apologetic debates about Islam and Muslims in our decorated drawing rooms, on email or in publications and in circles of different association or institutions representing Islam on issues which are least important and minor in nature — The fact is that we are now the most disgraced and downtrodden nation on the face of earth despite of having the best guide (Muhammad -saw) and guidance (Quran) from Allah (swt)  — and this has all happened because of our own attitude of Tribalism in one form or other , losing the concept and spirit of Muslim as one nation. Vested interest of individual, race, tribalism and lust of isolated power and material gain have totally dislodged Islam from our hearts.

Media will keep on beating its drum propagating what is directed by the military might around. We will continue adding up on fractions between ourselves, one group migrating from Islam to others in practice, the other group waiting dumbfounded for a few miracles to happen, the sky to thunder and split, Imam Mehdi to emerge and Hazrat Issa / Jesus to descend one fine morning and yet another smaller group would develop more of extremities in their attitude and behavior due to psychological set back faced.

-Could we have COMMON SENSE, COMMON WEALTH, COMMON SOCIO – POLITICAL ORDER, COMMON LEADER?  And recognize our assignment as KHAIRUL UMMA (Care Taker of the nations) in this world? Is this still a wishful thinking?


It is useless now to cry over spilt milk – Muslim world at large is presently not prepared to face the challenges and threat of the Non-Muslim world – Repeated experiences of our unplanned erratic and impulsive behavior or reaction has made us fall on our faces.  We have to rectify first our own faults, remove our own deficiencies – carry out diagnostic activity to find out all ailments within our own selves, treat it and make ourselves healthy spiritually, intellectually and physically or materialistically – We have to be proactive and till such time we have to coordinate, cooperate & co exist with Non -Muslim world to learn and earn what ever the knowledge or resources are available in our surrounding but without loosing the perspective and assignment ahead. We have to present ourselves to them also as their caretaker and guide in this world in all fields of knowledge and behavior, which is basically our assignment from Allah (swt). Prophet (saw) is a universal Prophet and all human being without any exception falls into the category of his Ummah, however those who believe in him and obey him are on the right path, qualify themselves to be God loving and God fearing, but those who do not obey the Prophet (saw) do not qualify for the salvation. This is God’s verdict & HIS judgment is final. We should not interfere in HIS design. Our assignment is not that how many non-Muslims we have killed and how many groups of Muslim we have declared as Kafirs or Munafiq and vexed them to hell fire. We should not be vindictive in our attitude and learn from the examples of Prophet (saw) himself. An act of kindness is always more affective than hate and vengeance. Indoctrination of mind and heart is much more important than dominance of geographical boundaries. The world or the universe belongs to God/Allah and none what so ever. Prophet (saw) many times had entered into treaty with his foes in humility to diffuse the possible nuisance value or immediate threat to safe guard the larger interest of Muslims but none of this treaty made any of his companion loose the perspective of Islam and any one of them accepted or imported the injurious cultural value or immoral conduct of others in their daily practices.


The message of Islam is not just to LOVE THY NEIGHBOR but ” LOVE AND EXPLORE THE WHOLE UNIVERSE ” The dimension of all love is subjugated to the LOVE of God/Allah (swt) the sole creator and sustainer whom we belong and to whom shall we return therefore, IMPLORE GOD.


If you have to expand and explode – then expose and export LOVE not HATE.

We have to regain our STRENGTH back – the STRENGTH when all without any exception felt safe and secured with us – The strength to establish social justice among all human beings. We have to act as a Doctor to treat the sickness of craving of power & lust around with affection, endearment and devotion and not get inflicted with germs of malignant disease of hate incurable. Serving the Humanity is the core message of Islam by establishing socio economic justice in the society under the guidance provided by Allah (swt) through HIS Prophets pbut (124000 in number almost) and finally through the most updated Book revealed named Quran and by following the foot prints of the final most Prophet or last Messenger Muhammad (saw).


 Hesham Syed.


(This article was written obviously before invasion on Iraq but the conditions have not changed much rather it has gone worse).







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