Hesham A Syed

May 17, 2009

Humane or Savage Society

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Humane or Savage Society : Hesham syed


Hesham A Syed


  1. I have received a video of slaughtering of heads of a few spies in Afghan – the video is  so shocking , horrifyingly graphics that any civilized person would find it hard to digest and accept what is going on – But this is not the only video which is in circulation on websites , there are now hundreds and thousands of these graphics pictures and videos coming from Iraq , Afghan , Kashmir , Bosnia , Chechnya , Pakistan , Palestine and many countries of the world which have been deprived of making their own decisions to carve their future &  fate. These countries are under turmoil due to direct or indirect intellectual and army attacks by so called developed and progressive countries. Atrocities are inflicted on them by namely civilized or sophisticated or humane people of the world. Hence, in reaction, the cases of   insurgencies and blood shed also continue.


Human Society is full of paradox – Conceited, Proud and Selfish attitude keeps changing the Values and Moral Standards with time and circumstances – The struggle only is the fight for the survival – Big fish eats the small fish – Law of jungle and barbarism has always prevailed in every sphere of life.


Some one said, I treat with contempt the first murder caused by one son of Adam Habeel of his brother Qabeel as the biblical history explains – The historical records do give detail as how Habeel learnt to bury his brother’s dead body through a Crow but the history is silent if Habeel was put under trial and punished for the heinous crime he committed ie to start the first murder of a gentleman on this earth – which has continued since then endlessly – The animal instinct in the mankind never dies away , it requires a lot of training to be civilized and to be used still for useful purpose.


When a rape or a murder is caused by individual he or she is to be tried and punished but when the same crime is done on massive scale of innocent people by any nation or nations together every one finds a political and moral justification for this and it still continues. Human sufferings are caused by Human being themselves – The art of killing and massive sufferings has been improvised in the name of progress of technology and this is the parameter in to-days time of the nation called Civilized and Progressive nation. When some one uses knife to kill in defense it is called savagism, barbarism but when at massive scale children and innocent people are killed, burnt to death, mutilated and the sufferings rolls on to a few generations in one strike of shells, bombs, poisonous gases, nuclear or atomic bomb it is called humanely and an heroic act because MIGHT can not be challenged or criticized.


The Hypocrite media, yellow journalism, sold out or fearful intellectuals or pseudo intellectuals have always continued debating and beating the drums of the most Powerful Boss of the Mafia of barbaric people operating under the veil of eloquence of speech, articulated drafted slogans and exhibitionism.


Culture , Race , Language , Religion have always been used to spread hate among the human societies – It is more of mistrust among the society which have been cultivated than Trust itself – Almost 95% of the population of the world are epidemically  sick spiritually and physically due to all negative traits and attitude they carry all time in their bosom. The smaller group of people  or lower % age are of those who have no say and find this world worthless full of vindictive , malicious , brutal , ruthless , merciless , vicious , pitiless and unkind people and circumstances . The sane people keep raising their voices some time but it is seldom heard.



In the history of evolution of human society of many thousands of years one may bring out the statistical records as how many years have been of Peace, Tranquility, Tolerance, Lenience, Sympathy, Forbearing, Self Sacrifice, and Accommodation to each other – There has always been Wars. A continual and eternal battle between the individuals, tribes or nations over whelmed to take over each other – Hero worship, Superman, Conqueror leading or misleading to creation or fabrication or innovation of false gods and prophets have been a perpetual fascination and enthrallment or charm.


So, how can one define what is Right and what is not, what is Cruel and what is not?


A divine decree , verdict , pronouncement , diktat , law & order  is the only choice to draw the reference line – provided it is also understood in right perspective and not misused or misinterpreted for personal gains and arrogance.


The final Prophet ( saw ) of God and the divine Book ( Quran ) proclaimed that : “ The severity of any  unlawful killing of a human being of any tribe or a nation is like killing the whole tribe and a nation ”.


“And, be guarded of those among you human beings ( with satanic spell ) , who proclaim that they are to bring justice , peace and welfare to the society but their motive is different and they create more tribulations, distress, turmoil, unrest and discontent ” . (Quran).


Hesham A Syed

May 16, 2009





  1. This is a minor Editing suggestion:

    In the following phrase:-

    “The Hippocratic media, yellow journalism, sold out…”

    the word that was intended was not “Hippocratic” but “Hypocrite”.

    Comment by Editor — May 25, 2009 @ 3:17 pm | Reply

    • Thank you for pointing out the typo error – appreciated

      Comment by heshamsyed — May 27, 2009 @ 9:36 am | Reply

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