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August 29, 2009

Where are we heading for ?

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Where are we heading for ? Hesham Syed : english + urdu

Where are we heading for?  – An excruciating pain to share!                                             Hesham A Syed.


07 Ramadan – Friday – KSA: 28 Aug 2009.

I have just now returned from an Iftar cum donation party, invitation extended by a NGO operating in former East Pakistan called Bangladesh now for stranded Pakistanis who have been forgotten and ignored by Pakistan since 1971 and they have continued living in a most miserable and subhuman conditions which one cant even imagine.


I recited one of my poems there on behalf of the unfortunate ones, which is attached herewith for perusal, but it is almost impossible to describe in words the perpetual distress, anguish and pain they have been enduring for past 39 years and even before.


I drove back depressed, thinking about this treacherous world where exploitation never ends. Opportunities are scarce and the competition is out growing – The struggle for the survival of the fittest is also ever growing. Race, Tribalism, Language, Culture and Religion all these have been used to spread hatred among the people – Mankind at large has lived on this earth and has established it’s tribal identity by capitalizing on hate, dislike and not really by virtue of love or sacrifice.


Those who have been caught up with the circumstances as cruel that series of their generations are destroyed and lived an useless worrisome life, full of anxiety, hopelessness, in pursuit of a future they have been dreaming all this time but it has turned out to be an illusion and hallucination for them despite of their straight forward thinking, love and support for the country themselves or their predecessors gave blood for – where as the other set of people living in West Pakistan most of whom never experienced one hundredth of what these people have gone through , took control of the country by mischief , looted and destroyed it further , and as of today the flame of intolerance , dishonesty and resentment have lit every house to burn it down , and smoke of distrust one can see has filled up the horizon. Some one rightly said in Urdu verse:


Nairangiye siaasatey doaraaN tto deikhiey

Manzil unhey mili jo shareekey safar na tthey


The above scenario is not the only example but this world is filled up with exploiters and exploited, atrocities and is full of pathos. This is not the end that I go through unbearable, excruciating pain and feel at a loss but more so really when I compare the unfortunate ones in this world , their struggle and achievements compared to those who are still fortunate in our society at micro and macro level but still :


1.@I see that young generations who have all the opportunities in this world thanklessly do not realize how fortunate they are and care for their time loss and make their headway towards their education and further achievements. It is also not realized that self respect, security and prosperity in life is greatly dependant on higher education and making an useful contribution in life. Observation is that under the most difficult circumstances also people achieve and only those succeed in life who set their targets, remain focused, do not give up, follow the right advice and direction and have burning desire to accomplish their objective and for them there is no looking back.

2. @ I see that people i.e. men and women at large do not have any ambition and lead a life without any objective.

3.@ I see that life is just taken to be a fun and it is filled up with the fallacious dream of Holly wood + Bolly wood or of it’s illusory and misleading custom and traditions which are imitated to bring happiness in life.

4.@ I see that instead of Prophets and their family members or his close associates or followers or scientists or philosophers or educationist the immoral set of people have become heroes and heroine for men or women and they have perverted and possessed the minds , hence they have become center of discussion or topic for any conversation made in the party.

5. @ I see that people of both gender and of any age at large do not realize that any time spent without learning or earning is a waste and this portion of life will never be returned for any compensation – This Waste is A REAL Waste.

6. @ I see that Wise people has been subdued by Fools.

7. @ I see that Moral and Ethical standards are changing each time to suit one’s convenience.

8. @ I see that show business and mannerism is taken to be the sign of success and to achieve acknowledgement in the society by fools.

9.@ I see  that the extravagancies  and wasteful expenses all around on dresses , make up , festive , every day newly created ceremonies , food , recreational living , decoration of over capacious buildings and houses or mansions , flashy cars and vehicles where as  on the contrary at arms length only one sees the destitute , unfortunate and deprived group of people who cant even meet their both ends , cant have proper meal , care for sickness , enough to educate their children but the insensitivity keeps a blind eye to the man made paradoxical conditions of the society and continues to create different classes widening the gap between haves and have not.

10.@ I see that politicians or people of any walk of life of capitalist and materialistic  society looting the public treasury , fooling around people with words , cheating & filling in their private accounts , expanding their businesses and assets within the country and overseas through fraudulent acts , settling their families over seas with no commitment to their own country.

11.@ I see that educational institutions being made an industry to earn money only.

12.@ I see that secretarial religious platforms are set up to cause fractions among the people. Rituals and Cosmetics are emphasized but the real message is lost.


With all above , I always wonder where are we heading for eventually ?


How ever , there are still a set of small group of people every where who do understand that Mankind is only a TRUSTEE of God’s providence or bounty on this earth and every one has been made individually accountable for his & her act. There is nothing what he or she posses or owns and his or her role is to use the resources to the direction as guided for the welfare of human beings and for all what have been created by God – The bounty of God  includes his or her own self , time , energy , wealth or what ever is available in nature which can be used for purposeful reason. These are the people who have purified themselves of all greed and satanic temptations and carry out every thing out of the love of God and of HIS creation. These are the people  who are the beacon of light  for the human society. These are the people who are struggling to make this world a better place to live for all and are self less & knowing or unknowingly investing for themselves in hereafter without any measure or scale , and will have salvation in the next world.

These are the people who are putting their best to establish SOCIO ECONOMIC JUSTICE in the society which is the KEY message and responsibility assigned to the Mankind through the divine revelation again for their own benefit.

Hat off to such volunteers and God bless them.


Hesham A Syed.

Nazm-Mahsooreen Pakistan - East Pakistan ( Bangladesh )

Nazm-Mahsooreen Pakistan - East Pakistan ( Bangladesh ).gif002

 The poem mentioned as attachment can be read as Mahsooreen Pakistan posted at this Blogg in urdu poem section.


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  1. AOA,
    The article has rightly pointed out the specific thought process of most of us, which indeed is nothing but similar to living in a cloud cuckoo land or like a pigeon who closes his eyes to hide from the reality of a cat ready to jump towards him to relieve him of his life – that indeed is what we do! hide from reality – every now and then we are heading towards downfall and because of none but ourselves. We want some one to come and wake us up – we want a leader, not knowing that he would be exactly our image!
    The concept of SOCIO ECONOMIC JUSTICE is exactly what I thought of, when you put the question of the proposed solution of our current problems the other day – Our beautiful code of life i.e., Islam has been made so complicated by people who want to use it for their own benefit, that we can’t even see that it gives us the simplest of solutions to all our problems, individually and as a nation.

    Comment by Khurram — September 2, 2009 @ 7:26 pm | Reply

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