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November 6, 2009

A communication with Wica religion follower

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A communication with Wica religion follower 

re Wicca May 05, 2008



Thanks for your interest, I enjoyed our debates on You Tube, you are a person of intelligence and compassion.
Wicca is a nature-based religion grounded in pre-Christian beliefs. The Wiccan religion honors the Divine as both Mother and Father, encompasses love and respect of Nature, celebrates the cycles of Sun and Moon, and encourages adherents to live in harmony with other humans and the greater Circle of Life.
It has a strict rede or law that says we must harm none- which is very hard to keep.

I cannot recommend any books on the subject, to our distress over in Britain and Eire, wicca has been high jacked by many Americans seeking wealth and self-agrandisment. They are the ones who write the books and they are always full of rubbish. The best definition I can think of is this;
A wasp flies into a room…
A Jew, Christian or Muslim would swat it, God has given man dominion over the beasts
A Catholic would also swat it, but be wracked with guilt.
A Hindu or Buddhist would leave it alone, it may the the re-incarnated soul of a human with a lesson to learn before moving on to the next life.
A Wiccan would find a way to guide it safely back outside, all life comes from the Goddess.
Hope that helps

Bright Blessings
Night Angel



May 07 2008


Thanks to your email – in the mean time I have also gone through some detail on website – First of all it should be understood that true religion is only from God started right from Prophet Adam ( pbuh ) up to the last Prophet Muhammed( pbuh) – In between there are approx 125,000 prophets tied up in same spiritual chain , sent in different parts of the world for the guidance of mankind – this includes of course prophets from Abraham ( pbuh) dynasty including Moses and Jesus as well – Quran is the final and most updated version of God’s revelations and the most authenticated guidance and Muhammed ( pbuh ) is the best example to be followed for salvation – Religion is a code of life to care about every thing in nature and in the universe – Man / Woman has been made vice gracent of God on earth and his / her role is of a trustee – Nothing belongs to none other than God – We all have been created by God and have a common father and mother so we are a kin to each other – Witch craft or any such man made system is forbidden and evil for individual and society – Man should not unlawfully exploit man or any thing in nature but work for the benefit of the society creating a harmony and developing a welfare estate establishing a just system for every one to be provided opportunity to develop and cultivate God given quality and attributes – We all should worship the only God , follow HIS commandment and should not make any one an equal partner to HIM – Worldly gains through illegitimate ways , and by exploitation , cheating and deceiving others are all strictly forbidden – so any system , or food or drink which can tempt a person to go astray , cause evil influence on him / her resulting in a chaotic , unbalanced situation and harm to other or to the society is also forbidden – Quran and Actions and Spoken words of Muhammed ( pbuh ) called as Hadees documented most authentically provides detail about what is lawful in the eyes of God and what is not – We all have to seek God’s pleasure ultimately for a peaceful life here and here after 7 salvation – This is a short and basic description of Islam which was not started 1400 years ago by Muhammed ( pbuh ) but by Adam ( pbuh ) and completed by Muhammed ( pbuh ) being the last prophet of God – After him there will be no true prophets of God but false ones under devilish influence or Book other than Quran will be revealed to any – That is why all true prophets of God are termed as MUslims which means one who submits himself / herself to God alone and make no partner to HIM – God himself defines his attributes as HE is the only God , begets not nor begotten , He has no son or a family – All are His creation and He is the sole creator and sustainer , provider of the entire universe – He is all knowing and hearing of what is apparent , visible and what is hidden as well , There is none like Him – he is the light , wisdom , creator , designer of every thing in the universe , destiny , life and death – He hears directly and he is more close to any one than the person himself or herself . He has given a choice to mankind to decide about their path having defined what is right and wrong and that is the test of mankind in this world. Logically , there has to be a reward and punishment for the true believers and followers of God vs. those who defy Him or develop their own pattern of life under devilish influence. There is no difference between black , brown , yellow and white , wealthy or poor other than piety – The one who is more pious between man or woman is more closer to God – Man or Woman should not mistreat or exploit each other or system or nature for worldly gain , this is a lustful behavior . Nothing is more appreciated than good manner and behavior in words and actions among the people – Muhammed ( pbuh ) has been sent as the blessing and ultimate guide and the best example to be followed for all people and not to Arab or any specific tribe – In his nature he was the most compassionate , kind , benevolent person – he has always been at the giving end – By choice he lived like any common man to understand the problems of a common man , went through persecutions and humiliations inflicted upon him by the evil and rich and powerful people of the society but he was always forgiving and not a vengeful for his own personal reason – He offered general amnesty to his stark enemies and hypocrites who were even plotters to assassinate him or fought war against him – Any process of thinking which leads to superstitions is not encouraged and forbidden in Islam to have ultimate faith in God alone – because He is all there for every one any where and every where.-
Hope this explains that Islam is not only a few rituals but a complete code of life – it provides guidance in every sphere of life and to every one of any age , gender , status or position or profession. It is a process to clean one self spiritually to excel in humanly qualities.

Please don’t hesitate to contact if you need further clarification.
Have a nice day.

Hesham Syed



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