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February 5, 2010

Christian and Muslim forum in Canada – My message

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Christian and Muslim forum in Canada – My message  :

Thank you Dear Tariq ,
Here is my complete message ( with a slight addition to earlier one ) to be published and circulated and thank you for your kind gesture – God bless you all.
Congrats to all executive members of this Forum – a very good platform and effort to develop understanding and tolerance of true religion of God – I would not say two great religions but we are refering to one God and one religion – Be it any Judaism , Christanity or any religion they are all endorsed by Islam and all great Prophets of God ( including Jesus – pbuh )  are referred in Quran as Muslim – that is those who submit themselves to God and do not create , fabricate or even assume ownself superior to God to defy HIS command , misinterpret HIS revelation in vested interest and cause confusion in the society – Quran stands to day without any doubt , as the most authentic  devine book and updated version of Taura , Bible , or any religious books or scripts which could be made available –  Muhammed ( pbuh ) is the final most prophet and messenger of God , the only person referred as Messenger to the mankind and not to any tribe or community only – His universality need to be understood – His life detail , teachings and interpretation of Quran in form of his and his close companions ( men and women ) practices are recorded in minutest detail which provides guidance to all mankind. Islam is just not like any other religion but the final most code of life and the completion of revelations of God and a path chosen by God himself to be followed by the entire human beings and Jinns up to the last day. Salvation lies now in following Islam and Islam only. 

Q 5:3: This day I’ve perfected religion for you, and completed my favor on you, and chose Islam for you as religion….

Islamic perspective of Prophet Jesus s/o Hon, Mary ( Mariam ) – pbut , returning ( not simply coming ) to this world second and last time is very clear and is awaited by all Muslims except a few deviant ones within Christanilty or even so called Muslims and in any other religion. The mission of Jesus ( pbuh ) is going to be full of struggle again to establish Islam by removing all misunderstanding created by deviant Jews , Christians and so called Muslims or for that matter followers of any other religion.The returning of Jesus ( pbuh ) as a servant and prophet of God and as a follower of  Quran and  practices of Muhammed ( pbuh ) is of great significance to mankind and Jinns. The world some how or other has lost the universal brother hood concept what Muhammed ( saw ) and Islam offered , therefore this must be revived not by defying the completeness of Islam and finality and universality of Prophet hood and Messenger hood of Muhammed ( saw ) or by fabricating new revelations or misinterpreting Quran or any other book but by following Muhammed ( pbuh ) and galvanizing the mankind as one Umma – This is the only course to peace and harmony in this world which is also the mission of Jesus ( pbuh ) on his physical return to this  world – We all should struggle towards universal brother hood , establish socio economic justice in the society and be prepared to welcome Jesus ( pbuh ) on his arrival here – Even if we do not live to see him , God’s blessings and  rewards to our intention and efforts made, will always be available in this world and in life or world  here after.
Please note that very much like Prophet Muhammed ( pbuh ) coming was foretold by almost all Prophets including Prophet Jesus ( pbut ) and most of the devine books including Bible carried this message , the  return of Prophet Jesus ( pbuh ) from the sky / heaven was also foretold by Muhammed ( pbuh – saw ) and many indications were given about the circumstances , events and conditions in the world when Prophet Jesus ( pbuh ) will descend from the sky – Anothe miracle of God indeed.
I will try to send a booklet in PDF format , I have prepared on the subject and send to all who will be participating on this forum and to those who are sincere truth seekers.
I took part on such forum when I was present in Canada – regret that I will be away during this time.
Best wishes
Hesham Syed

From: tariq khantk <tariqkhantk@hotmail.com>
To: Hesham Syed heshamsyed@yahoo.ca 
Subject: RE:

    Thanks  Br. Hesham Syed  and  Asalam Alaikum,
     Humbly  we  the  volnteers   of  this  Forum assure  you  that  your  learned   and  valued  observations  shall  be  printed  in  the  North  American  Media  and  Church Publications.
     I  am  a  Journalist  by  birth   but  Allah  bestowed  upon  me  the  responsibility  of  this  Forum.  On  august  23rd  the  Forum  shall  complete    its   10th  year  of  continuous     working.  Thank  you  very  much.  Regards….tariqkhan/Toronto.

From: tariqkhantk@hotmail.com
To: tariqkhantk@hotmail.com
Date: Thu, 4 Feb 2010 17:49:44 -0500

                                                 On  behalf  of  the
                                  CHRISTIAN-MUSLIM    FORUM   OF   CANADA
                                                 established on August 23, 2000
                               Tariq  Khan            Tony Zekveld      Richard Sharringa
                                  Director                Co Director        Joint Director
                                      Request     the   pleasure  of  the  company of
             Mr. & Mrs  ………………………………………………………………………….
         To  participate  in  the  interactions  of  the  44th session and  to  attend the
     friendship dinner  on  Saturday,  March  13, 2010.
         Time: 4 p.m.    Place: New Horizon Church Building,  1510  BIRCHMOUNT ROAD [birchmount x vauxhall],  Unit # 103.  For  directions  please  call  Tel. 905 565 8179.
                                  = Topic   and  speakers of the evening =
                              TOPIC:  SECOND COMMING  OF  CHRIST.
                         Rev. Scott  Willkinson   &   Br.  Steve  Rockwell
                                      Looking  forward  to  recieving you:
Tariq Khan,  905 565 8179   Tony Zekveld,  416 740 0172  Richard Sharringa, 519 8932233.
* There shall  be two presentations  of  15 minuets duration each on the subject ” Second Comming of Christ”,  followed by question-answer session and  dinner [Halal].
* There is no fee  but attendence  is by invitation.
* Christian and Islamic Litrature shall be  available free of  cost including  the Holy Bible & Holy Quran.  No litrature is for sale.
*Suggestions are welcome with appreciation.
* Courtsy & mutual respect is prerequisite.  Dress code  Casual.
                                    For  all kinds of enquiries please write or call:
682 Macbeth Heights,  Mississauga, ON, L5W 1E6, Tel. 905 565 8179,tariqkhantk@hotmail.
   Media Coordinator: S. Sadruddin Hussain,  Tel. 905 554  3403
   Communication Coordinator: Irshad Mehmood, irshad2000@gmail.com
                                    PARKING IS  FREE



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