Hesham A Syed

February 9, 2010

Yusuf Ali-mardey kamil ka wasiat nama & commentary

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Yusuf Ali-mardey kamil ka wasiat nama & commentary by Hesham Syed :

Commentary :


Book Mardey kamil ka wasiat nama :yusuf Ali.




  1. I couldn’t find link to Yousuf’s “Mard-e-Kaamil” on your blog. All I get is your commentary. I don’t wanna read your commentary. I want to read the book myself and see if Yusuf really committed any blasphemy.

    Comment by Farjaad — March 4, 2010 @ 12:10 pm | Reply

    • The book is in PDF format and heavy – it cant be posted on the Blogg – may be I am not that technical to do this – Please send me your direct email address and I will forward this book to you – but your email address need to be in Yahoo or gmail to take the load as hotmail will not work.
      You can read further detal on my Blogg – go to catagory Cult , beside just this book is not the only evidence – there are many viz sound recordings and documents + people personal experiences which lead to the judgement passed.

      Comment by heshamsyed — March 5, 2010 @ 5:57 am | Reply

  2. Dear Mr.Hesham Syed,

    It has been a pleasure and extremely informational, to read this personal narration, where you detailed interactions with Zaid Zaman and Yusuf Kasab. I am grateful that you had the courage to bring these up, despite weighing the repercussions. It is really astonishing to see misguided youngsters follow this guy, without even trying to inquire about his background. I hold our current politicians responsible, for this shift that has occured in the minds of our desperate youngsters, for whom supporting an alternative has become sort of ‘life saving drug’. How many Dajjals will the nation be forced to follow before they meet the GREAT LIAR? A follower of a false Prophet – Zaid Zaman should be traced out and punished like his false master Yusuf Kasab!

    Thanking you for your sincere kind efforts,

    Comment by Shahid Aziz Khan — March 6, 2010 @ 12:44 pm | Reply

    • I disagree with you guys here. I see Zaid as someone who is mobilising the youths for the good of Pakistan. He speaks against US, Zionism, RAW, imperialism. He is countering the games against Pakistan. So obviously people will be against him. They will use anything to get him. And they found it!!

      Yes, through this Yousuf Kazzab issue, people are trying to get Zaid “quieted down”. In the name of blasphemy his previous association with Yousuf Ali is exaggerated into an issue. Our bewaqoof maulvis are playing into the hands of enemies without realizing that it could just be a game.

      Seriously, speaking I have found anything that proves to me that Yousuf Ali is a Kazzab. I don’t have any links to his lectures, his writings, lessons to come to my own conclusion.

      Most of the stuff against Yousuf is propaganda material. People’s opinions against him.

      Comment by Farjaad — March 14, 2010 @ 12:42 am | Reply

      • You are such a naive person – I feel sorry for you – Have you read my reports on this Blogg , Catagory Cult about Yusuf ( Cults among Muslim – Miraj or mirage + other articles ).There are huge amount of concrete evidences available at different sites and you cant even find one to understand why Yusuf is called Kazab – strange ! – and you think all scholars in Pakistan and devotees of Rasool ( saw ) are bunch of idiots ?
        What is discussed is the Aqeedah not various speech forums where any one can have diverse opinion and that is acceptable but if the basic Aqeedah is not right then it is a very serious issue.
        Impersonating Muhammed ( saw ) / or presenting one self as Muhammed reincarnated / or declaring one self as any new Nabee or Rasool , all these are very serious issue and it undermines Prophet ( saw ) status and Allah’s deen – that is why even Prophet ( saw ) & his Sahabas lodged Jihad against such imposters.Therefore any one supporting Yusuf likes is automatically taking himself or herself out of the fold of Islam knowingly or unknowingly .
        Allah ( swt ) may guide you to right direction.
        Zaid may be supported or not supported for what he is doing depends on the views and vision different people have for mobilising the Youth , that is a different subject altogether BUT his creditability is challenged here for his devotion and support to Yusuf till this date and this he can undo by openly offering Tauba & Astaghfar to Allah ( swt ) for his past association and declaring himself out from what ever phony Khilafat was given by Yusuf to him and denounce the aqeedah of Yusuf or likes that he is not pursuing it any more – otherwise this fitna will not be allowed to grow any further – We already have enough to deal with in Pakistan and Muslim Umma.

        Comment by heshamsyed — March 14, 2010 @ 5:19 am

  3. Dear Hesham,

    It has been useful reading you and your articles. but believe me i cannot just believe on your sayings only. can you email me yusuf kazzab’s book ‘Marde Kamil Ka Wasiyat Nama’?? I will wait for it. I hope u didnt mind… Jazak ALLAH

    My email id is danial.makhdoom@gmail.com

    Comment by Danial Arshad — June 3, 2010 @ 7:04 am | Reply

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