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March 8, 2010

My recent comment on Ghuzwat al-Hind

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My recent comment on Ghuzwat al-Hind ; Hesham Syed

My recent comment on Web : http://zaidhamidexposition.wordpress.com/  — go to my section on this web   or read it at my Blogg : https://heshamsyed.wordpress.com  – catagory Cult  

Ahadees on Ghuzwat ul hind are available but there are many interpretations about the time of this Ghuzwah – A series of scholar believe that this Ghuzwah had already taken place but there are many scholars who are still waiting for this to happen.

How ever I have my own reservations about the way it is being hyped up these days by Zaid based on what he have learnt from Yusuf ( I know about it because I have heard it directly from Yusuf in the company of Zaid and his other followers ) in my opinion is childish and this will side track the youngsters in doing any thing constructive for the country but a lot of them will be focused only to attack India and put a Pakistani flag on Delhi fort – How ever this Hadees is also connected with the time of coming of Jesus ( pbuh ) , so this Ghuzwah obviously not going to happen in a few years time and not in Zaid Hamid’s life time – This hysteria building is harmful for Pakistan and who so ever is behind using Zaid for creating this mass madness is not serving Pakistan. Yusuf was not the only lunatic but there are many in Pakistan full of shallow emotions and ready to go for any individual or mass suicide once they are emotionally exploited by any retired or active army General / Officer or through a fiery speech tagging Mr Iqbal and Mr Jinnah in to it – the poor souls would not even know what is going on in this country, one said to have dreamt and other who built it.

I also feel that there are hidden hands  behind all this non sense and that is to keep the attention away from the main issues and problems in Pakistan – There are enemies in Pakistan sitting at the helm of the affair every where ,in most of the government seats , and other institutions who are day and night busy in looting Pakistan and abusing or misusing it’s resources thus making the masses suffer more each day – It is a country with no judicial law enforcing authorities and with no socio economic justice provided , with no sense of nationalism , with no educational strides but rampant illiteracy , with no balance state of mind , with corrupt politicians , dirty rich elites , scrupulous business men , with ethnic violence , full of hates and dislikes of each other to the extent of further disintegration is foreseen and under this circumstances when our own house needs so much of cleaning , the mass hysteria to attack India by misinterpreting Hadees is nothing but total distraction from the reality of life and it will end up in total disaster for this country – Let us launch first a project of Ghuzwat ul Pakistan where the in house enemies are removed from administrative seats and we have secured our country before we go to expand it any further.

Good luck folks! May Allah guide us to the right direction ( Ameen ) .  Hesham A Syed



  1. Dear Hesham,
    The hadiths on Ghazwat ul Hind are not found in any of the 6 books of hadiths. This article will guide u in better way.


    Comment by Shakoor Khan — March 12, 2010 @ 9:00 am | Reply

  2. Dear Shakoor Khan

    Please check this site – Thanks


    I am going through your site provided – interesting – Thanks

    Comment by heshamsyed — March 13, 2010 @ 9:09 am | Reply

  3. Dear Hashaam Syed Sahab Assalam o Alaikum

    I saw ur article about Ghazwa e Hind . The article is good but i will disagree with u on various things .First of all no Pakistani is going to capture India by Tommorow.And there is no doubt About this that This event will take place.
    We Pakistani are working for betterment of Pakistan not for Zaid Hamid.
    I am unable to understand one thing these scholars dont gave anything good to Islam and Pakistan. But when it comes to distraction they will be in first row .
    No body is following Zaid Hamid Every one is following Ideology Islam and Identity Pakistan.
    If tommorow Zaid Hamid will be killed this mission is not going to stop.

    These Ulama Soo dont have dare to say wrong to Goverenment All these religious Political Parties are corrupt. These scholars and media Persons never talk about Nifaz e Islam they talk about Jamhoryat as Jamhoryat is their Deen .

    Remember Allah ney Jis sey kaam lena hai Ley Ga Chahay Kissi ko kitna Bura Hi Lagay.
    Kahin Aisa na ho keh app ko samajhnay mein Ghalti lagi ho aur qayyamat mein app ko hi sharminda hona Para meray Aqa Sallalaho Alahay Waalahi Wasalam kay samnay..

    Loog Allama Iqbal ko bhi nahin Pehchan sakay Un ki zindagi mein .Afsoos abhi bhi kuch loog
    Iqbal ka Maqam Nahin Jantay..

    Comment by Ishaq — March 18, 2010 @ 5:14 am | Reply

    • Brother Ishaq – Wa-alaikum assalam
      Please understand that my views are directed towards the methodology the way it has been adopted to pursue Ghuzwat e Hind , I think this kind of untimely and childish hype up will hurt Pakistan more than help – It is only providing an entertainment to young crowd and a show business ( LAHOO GARM RAKHNEY KAA HAI EK BAHAANA ) – I have nothing against any one in person but I focus on principles and views or Aqeedah / belief –
      Ghuz wat e Hind is a very serious issue and it can not be handled in a childish way – It is also not true to say that no one understood Iqbal in this region or of his views and only Zaid and his followers are making people understand Iqbaliat – this is a very childish & shallow opinion which you all are being brain washed to believe – Quite honestly , I have found Zaid explaining a few verses of Iqbal not correctly , out of context & inadequately but I dont mind , one cant be a champion of every thing but then one should not even claim this status.
      I assume you are also among the younger generation of Pakistan and in this age every thing looks exciting , amusing and entertaining , all new idea one likes to jump on – We all go through this phase of life.
      I will encourage you to carry in depth study of not only Iqbal but many scholars and philosophers in the world and you will find similitude in many – Bear it in mind also that Iqbal was not a Prophet but a human being with many weaknesses and contradictions as well in his own writings like any other human being ,scholar or philosopher in the world –
      The more you learn , silence prevails and action speaks.
      I hope you will take my response in right perspective and positively.
      God bless.

      Comment by heshamsyed — March 18, 2010 @ 3:11 pm | Reply

  4. Again to Br Ishaq :
    yes I do agree that Pakistan is full of corruption and people are in trauma , passing their days mindlessly without any direction – this is what I have pointed out that let the new generation not be distracted to or kept in trance by a new Mesiha for Ghuzwaat out side the border etc where by Pakistan itself need a Ghuzwa to be started to eliminate enemies within the wall – and trust me these few hundred people have hi jacked Pakistan and looting it and destroying moral and financial fabrics of this country – Take them out first , clean up your house first before it is too late – If you are strong inside , then enemies outside can easily be handled – that is why Muhafeyqeen are considered worse than even Mushreykeen .

    Nahi meiry fikr aur mera vision bahut clear hai aur Allah ( swt ) va Rasool ( saw ) kay hi taabaiey hai – iss liey insha-Allah mujhey koyee sharmsaari nahee hoa gee.
    Huzoor ki shariat aur ahkaamey Elahi key nefaaz ki hee maiN bhi baatey karta hooN aur jo koashish ho sakti hai woh karta rahta hooN.
    Islam hee meira bhi utthna baitthna hai. Allah ( swt ) aur Rasool ( saw ) ki muhabbat hee meira hasiley Eimaan hai.

    Laikin maiN iss kaam key liey kisi aur shakhs ko na Maseeha samajhtaa hooN aur na kisi aur shakhs ko Muhammed ( saw ) bana key us kee poojaa karta hooN.

    Comment by heshamsyed — March 18, 2010 @ 4:23 pm | Reply

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  6. a related and relevant comment on zaid exposition site :

    17.Fidaiye Rasool SAAW said
    April 2, 2010 at 6:52 pm
    @Abu Muhammad, Hamid Ali, and Pakistani

    I am myself shocked how could brother Abu Muhammad say that let us assume that the Ahadees of Ghazwatul Hind are authentic.

    The Ahadees of Ghazwatulhind have been mentioned in Sanan e Nisai. Book Al Jihad, Chapter Ghazwatul Hind. Sanan e Nisai is a part of Sihah e Sitta.

    See it online here from three different chains.


    Before discussing this further I would like to elaborate that the site referred above is not a Pakistani, or Indian site, but one that is being run by the Ministry of Auqaaf and Preaching Government of Saudi Arabia.

    I have myself inquired about the validity of these Ahadees with Muftian e Karam (Mufti Taqi Usmani sahib to be in particular) and they consider these Ahadees to be valid and authentic.

    Mufti Taqi Usmani is one of the great scholars of Hadees alive. His work Takmala Fathul Mulhim (An encyclopedic work of interpretation of Sahih Muslim in six volumes) is a Sharah/explanation and elaboration of Sahih Muslim and is written in Arabic. This work raised the stature of Mufti Sahib exceptionally even amongst Arabic scholars.

    Brother Pakistani said that most of the scholars consider these Ahadees to be Zaeef. This is a profound statement without providing any references or even the name of the scholars who term them as Zaeef.

    Brother Pakistani further said that “There is no mention of any such Hadith in any of the six most widely used books Hadith”.

    Brother Please go through the link provided above and see for yourself that the Ahadees of Ghazwatul Hind are a part of Sanan e Nisai, which is a part of Sihah Sitta – the six books of Hadees considered to be Authentic and widely acceptable by the Muslim Ummah.

    Is this the way we would discuss Quran and Hadees, whereby every one could wake up and make a statement about Quran and Hadees ?

    The only argument that the rejectors of the Ahadees of GhazwatulHind bring in their defense is that “If GhazwathulHind Ahadees are really true, then it means it would be an historic event that would change the course of history for all times to come, Had it been such a profound event – why didnt other compilers of Hadees mentioned these Ahadees in their compilations.”

    Sadly my friends, this is not the way we argue on the authenticity of an hadees. We argue on it on the basis of Hadeeth Sciences, and strength of the chain of narrators etc.

    Other than this, I strongly agree with brother Abu Muhammad that any defense of Pak Army on the basis of the Ahadees of GhazwatulHind is unjustified. People are judged by Allah for the deeds they do, not the deeds that their grandchildren will do in the future.

    I would say one last thing. This is not a forum, and we are not the persons (because of our qualifications) to comment on the hadees of GhazwatulHind.

    Only Allah Knows Best.

    Comment by heshamsyed — April 3, 2010 @ 1:12 am | Reply

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  8. Dear Mr. Hesham

    It was nice experience to read your blog, and I hope you have recognised me by my name :).

    I would just like to add few comments regarding your article on Ghazwat-ul-Hind… I agree that there are hadith available which says that an army will conquer India… All the Hadith i have found which supports the idea of Ghazwa-tul-hind are Weak ( As classified by various scholars ), except one hadith which is as follows

    “Thawban narrated that the Messenger of Allah said: “ Two groups of my Ummah (community) Allah has protected from the hell- fire — a group that will conquer India and a group that will be with Jesus, son of Mary.” Ahmad, Nisa’i, Kitab ul-jihad; at-Tabarani”

    I received the following comments from a Sheikh in Riyadh about the above mentioned hadith..

    This hadith has been graded sahih by Shaykh al-Albani in his edition of Sunan an-Nisai’ and he has a detailed discussion in his silsilah as-saheehah. Shaykh Shoayb Al-Arnaout grades the hadith Hasan in his edition of Musnad Ahmad.

    Keeping in view the above hadith… we can easily conclude that there will be an army who will conquer india… but it no where mentions it will be Pakistan Army… It could be any muslim army…

    this Zaid Hamid is just a fraud… he is just playing with the emotions of Pakistani population… if we analyse the past… jin qaumoun pe Allah ka Azaab nazil howa hai, hamare andar sab ki burai mawjood hai… and we expect to receive Allah’s help in conquering india…

    And Everyone have his own interpretation and analysis of the arrival of Jesus PBUH… In my knowledge… The arrival of Dajjal and Jesus PBUH is near.

    and surely Allah knows the best

    Comment by Asim Haroon — May 16, 2010 @ 2:00 pm | Reply

    • Dear Asim Haroon,
      Yes, I know who you are – am pleased you took time to go through this Blogg – and thanks to your comments – Many have the same views as yours on the subject – Allah knows best.
      Please feel free to exchange views on any subject covered in this Blogg.
      Best wishes

      Comment by heshamsyed — May 16, 2010 @ 4:11 pm | Reply

  9. Dear Hesham,regarding to Sir Zaid Hamid what ever was his past,but he is a best one now,I never heard from over all his speeches that he tried to mislead or miscalculate the present scenario and just through emotional attitude toward his audience,he and I think you missed so many lectures of Sir Zaid Hamid which he clearly deliberated on Economics and Politics with their solutions,because most of you just point on problem which is obvious, but don’t have solution or can’t defined,I think your concept against Zaid Hamid is not clearly neither you declare him totally fraud nether you willing to accept him or his Ideology,and of course its because Yousuf Ali and even on Yousuf Ali I did not found from you words that he proclaimed in front you as false prophet you just assumed that,and Zaid already cleared he have no relation with Yousuf Ali thought concept and theory,as I investigated in Yousuf Ali mater I found him as deviant person,but I do not see any single word in oral or written that he is proclaiming false prophet hood,even the audio cassette which is only substantial evidence he clearly announced that he is deputy of Rasoollah (of course this is deviancy)so this case was so confused at least to me ,how ever he is expired and Zaid never ever in all his lectures dragged his listener to the Yousuf Ali,now I wondering on AMKNT attitude they giving fully stand against Zaid Hamid only on buried story,but did ever you heard that there is a Man call Shekh Ameen in Multan and he is clearly doing blasphemy, his speeches can find on youtube easily,why AMKNT is not gathering against this person why the case until yet did not filed against him,for whom they are waiting,believe me Zaid not going to proclaim false prophet hood,but he is only and only until yet come out as true muslim who challenged Farouns of times not these Zombies Mullah and neither any of any take the stand as Sir Zaid Hamid made we was lost our hope,but Zaid who pored in our heart hope again and Inshllah Ghazw e Hind we will completion by our hands,this is believe

    Comment by Farooq Raza Alteejani — May 24, 2010 @ 9:47 pm | Reply

    • Farooq Raza :
      I know Zaid much better than any one of you could ever know – I knew of Yusuf much better than you all can ever know – With all my sincerity , I wanted to pull the scoundler Yusuf out of his satanic illusions and Zaid from the satanic spell and childish impulses – I have always supported Zaid for his positive work but I can not respect a person on the cost of Hurmatey Rasool or following a deviant ideology , a defender of declared and proven gustaakhey Rasool ( sav ) – I dont know where you have been living , what you have been reading , whom you have been listening to – Please go to http://zaidhamidexposition.org/ and also read all my articles on this subject in Catagory Cult – specially a few like : Mirage or Miraaj + Cult in the making + Impersonating Muhammed ( sav ) + My comment on Mardey Kamil kaa wasiat Nama + and many more of my poems and articles on the subject which have also been posted at :



      You know my views on Ghuzwatey Hind – This was much spoken by Yusuf Kazab and he even told me that I will participate in this episode as a Mujahid because he expected till that time that I will be able to buy him a house in defence Lahore – He was a hoax and a Thug – When Zaid speaks and lectures about these things he resonates and reminds me of Yusuf only – I have interacted with Zaid constantly as late as last month where I have been pursuing that he should come out clean by declaring Yusuf as Kazab but Zaid resistance or refusal to do so and still defend a gustaakhey Rasool publicly on video makes his position dubios – Trust me that if Ghuzwaatey Hind is to take place , it will never happen the way Zaid is pursuing and Allah will never assign any one who follows the foot prints of a gustaakhey Rasool and respect that gustaakh so much that he cant call him a Kazab / an imposter. Ghuzwat is a holy war and it has to be lead by righteous people.

      Read what Zaid ex-wife also has to say about him at ZHE site.

      If by going through all the materials on the websites I have mentioned above, you still cant find any thing wrong with Yusuf and Zaid then I would be sorry for you and you may follow this Cult to a destiny which will end no where but to Hell.
      God may help you and guide you to the right path.

      Comment by heshamsyed — May 25, 2010 @ 6:08 am | Reply

  10. I received the following comments from a Sheikh in Riyadh about the above mentioned hadith..

    This hadith has been graded sahih by Shaykh al-Albani in his edition of Sunan an-Nisai’ and he has a detailed discussion in his silsilah as-saheehah. Shaykh Shoayb Al-Arnaout grades the hadith Hasan in his edition of Musnad Ahmad.

    Comment by myegy ماى ايجى — May 18, 2011 @ 9:48 am | Reply

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