Hesham A Syed

June 5, 2010

An amazing Quranic website

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An amazing Quranic website 


This an amazing website for Quran . You just  put the mouse on the line & you ‘ll find  translate the meaning for this line  or you can click the translation in the top of the page in the left corner for all SURA . In the left side for this website you can choose SURA (because there are 114 Sura). & you can choose AYA (because each SURA has many AYA ,some of them has more than 250 AYA & the others has 2 AYA ) . & can search by the number of page &  you can choose which famous SHEIKH you like his voice to listen to him reading Quran …I hope you ‘ll like it ….



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  1. As Salam Eleikum, which is the best translation of Quran in English?
    1- Muhammad Mohsin Khan (largely available in KSA)
    2- Abdullah Yusuf Ali (Dawoodi Bohri)
    3- Marmaduke Pickthall
    4- Habib Shakir
    5- Mohammad Sarwar

    Thank You and Regards,

    Comment by Afreen — June 20, 2011 @ 11:06 pm | Reply

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