Hesham A Syed

June 14, 2010

Ruttie’s ( Mariam ) last letter to Jinnah ( Md Ali )

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Ruttie’s ( Mariam ) last letter to Jinnah ( Md Ali )

S. S.  Rajputana,
Marseilles 5 Oct 1928

Darling –  thank you for all you have done. If ever in my bearing  your once tuned senses found any irritability or  unkindness – be assured that in my heart there was place  only for a great tenderness and a greater pain – a pain  my love without hurt. When one has been as near to the  reality of Life (which after all is Death) as I have  been dearest, one only remembers the beautiful and  tender moments and all the rest becomes a half veiled  mist of unrealities. Try and remember me beloved as the  flower you plucked and not the flower you tread  upon.

I have suffered much sweetheart because I  have loved much. The measure of my agony has been in  accord to the measure of my love.

Darling I love  you – I love you – and had I loved you just a little  less I might have remained with you – only after one has  created a very beautiful blossom one does not drag it  through the  mire. The higher you set your  ideal the lower it falls.

I have loved you my darling as it is  given to few men to be loved. I only beseech you that the tragedy  which commenced in love should also end with it.

Darling  Goodnight and Goodbye



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