Hesham A Syed

July 21, 2010

Hurmat e Rasool ( sav )-How to protect from Deviants & Cults

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Hurmat e Rasool ( sav )-How to protect from Deviants & Cults : Hesham Syed

How to secure Hurmat of Ashraf va Imam ul Anbia Hazrat Muhammed ( sav )

and protect rise of Fitna in Islam.



Please work to get a comprehensive Fatawas as detailed below from prominent & highest Institutions & Muftees in Pakistan / Saudi Arabia / Egypt and other Muslim countries. This will help to kill all kinds of Fitnaas germinating all over the places :


Fatwah  to be declared as Non Muslim / Murtid / Kafir – as per the ruling of Sharia for any  Person or Group as follows :

1.One who declares himself or her self any new Nabi or Rasool after Muhammed ( sav ) And his or her Followers  – except Hazrat Eisa ( as ) who will not be a new Nabi but will descend to complete his physical life and rehabilitate Islamic Sharia globally giving a support to Imam Mehdi ( as ).


2.One who declares himself as Allah / God  – And his Followers,


3. One who declares himself as Muhammed ( sav ) incarnated and his Followers.


4.One who declares that he is carrying the holy spirit of Muhammed ( sav )  inside him and he impersonates himself as Muhammed ( sav ) – And his Followers.


5.One who believes that the spirit of Muhammed  ( sav ) has kept on coming to this  in the form or body of another human being.


6.Those who do not believe in the finality of Nabuwwat & Risalat and Muhammed ( sav ) being the final most Nabi and Rasool.


7. Those who make a mockery of Allah ( swt ) or Muhammed ( sav )  and looks down upon on His Shariat.


8.Those who degrade Muhammed ( sav ) in any way and those who consider any Walee Allah to be superior to Muhammed ( sav ) .


10.Those who do not consider the Quran as the Final Book of Allah ( swt ).


11.Those who interpret Quran without consulting Hadees and Sunnah or Seeratey Rasool ( sav ).


12.Those who produce false Quranic verses  and fabricate Hadees  for vested interest.


Hesham Ahmed Syed.


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