Hesham A Syed

January 7, 2009

Purpose of Life or Universe – urdu poem

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Urdu Poem : Maqsoodey Kaiynaat hooN : Hesham Syed (more…)


January 4, 2009

Religion : Prophet Muhammed ( saw ) – Qaseedah Burdah Shareef

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Just to Share :

The Light of the Prophet
Sall-Allahu `alayhi wa sallam
The “Salafis” object to the verses (of al-Burda by Imam al-Busiri):


Who Am I ? Hesham Syed

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My professional qualification is of Engineering and of Business & Project Management.
For past 35 years. I have been engaged in setting up Business and Industrial Projects and managing many reputed Trade and Industrial Companies and Financial institution in senior most management positions in different part of the world beside Pakistan.
I have carried out self driven studies on literature, science, socio political culture, economics and almost all religions as well as of various cults around the world.
Beside a deep rooted religious environment I had inherited ,I have embraced Islam with all my consciousness and of course with the Taufiq and Hidayat of Allah ( swt ), as the only course in life to follow .The love of Allah ( swt ) and His Prophets or Messengers specially the foremost , supreme most and final most Muhammed ( saw ) and for all those who have this tie and link called Wali-Allah is impregnated in me .This is again Allah’s ( swt ) bounty and blessing and I will never like to compromise on this at any cost with all my humility and thankfulness to Him alone – Alhamdo li Allah and Ashkar Allah.

I am a free lance journalist, columnist, writer and a poet as well.

I have no political or any agency or any party affiliation other than what relates to my profession as stated above – I write and express my views independantly on any subject what I feel is right and support any idea which is based on facts and figures and is truthful as well as which helps in bringing facts on surface , and peace + harmony in the society.

Hesham Ahmed Syed

January 3, 2009

Brief Introduction – Hesham Ahmed Syed

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Introduction - Hesham A Syed
Introduction – Hesham A Syed